We Will Miss You Ms. Murdock!

Meagan Jones; SJHS Staff Writer
Ms. Murdock, the finance secretary at SJHS, is retiring at the end of the school year.

Do you know Mrs. Murdock?  If you do not then you are missing out on a great person! She is our great finance office secretary.  She helps out our school a ton by helping with all the money and expenses, but sadly she is leaving because she is retiring. 

Mrs. Murdock is a great person, and, everyone loves her, and will miss her after she leaves.  Mrs. Murdock has worked at the Springville Junior High for 27 years, and also attended here when she was younger.  At first she worked here part time to help pay for her sons to serve an LDS mission.  Then she started working here full time!  Mrs. Murdock said, “I probably won’t miss taking care of all of the money and receipts, but I will miss all of the many friends, co-workers and students I have gotten to know over the years.”   She also said,  “I have enjoyed working with the other secretaries and administration in the front office.”  

Many people have became good friends with Mrs. Murdock and will miss her very much. Ms. McBride, one of the eighth grade English teachers, said, “I will really miss working with Mrs. Murdock!  She is so easy and fun to talk to, and she has become one of my good friends.  Even though I’m sad she’ll be gone, I’m happy for her that she will get to spend more time with her grandkids.”   

One of the many students who Mrs. Murdock has helped and influenced is a ninth grader named Alice Giatras.  Alice said, “I’ll miss her kindness that she shows to me and everyone that she talks to.”  She likes having Mrs. Murdock work here because she has a friendly personality, and she has a great smile.  

Ms.McBride also said, “Mrs. Murdock is really good at her job.  She has a lot of details to keep track of, but she is always very organized.  She helps out our school behind the scenes all the time.” 

All of us will miss Mrs. Murdock and everything she does for our school.  She has been a great help here at SJHS.  We will miss you Mrs. Murdock!