What is FFA week?

Article by Saydie Van Leuven - SJHS Student Staff Writer

FFA week is where students get to celebrate FFA and dress up, FFA actually stands for Future Farmers of America. Amy Robertson, an eighth grader, said that her favorite day to dress up on this year is cowboy day. Another eighth grader is named Tristin Richmond, he said that he kind of likes FFA week because it’s a good idea, he also said that he liked cowboy hat/ hat day the best this year. Shawn Curtis, an eighth grader explained that he didn’t really know what FFA week was. 

Some students really liked it and some students didn’t really know or understand the purpose behind it, but FFA week is a really good idea. The purpose of FFA week is to try to get people to take the class in ninth grade and to try and get that class to be recognized by more students.

Students at Springville Junior high school all have mixed feelings about FFA week, but If you’re interested look for FFA week next year and take the class!