Wherefore Art Thou, 9th Grade English

Article written by student: Cam Hall

    At the end of this school year, 9th-grade English classes are watching and learning about Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet is a play written by Shakespeare in 1597 and describes a tale between two lovers, Romeo and Juliet. If you’ve watched or read Romeo and Juliet, you know it is more than a love story, and that’s what our 9th graders are beginning to learn.

    The 9th-grade English classes are watching the Globe version of the play, adaptations as well as reading it out of the textbook. “I like to see the adaptations, and how they can change the play,” said Bridger Mason, a ninth grader. “My favorite way to get the story has to be the movies, it’s easier to follow than reading it in the textbook.” Johann Orozco, another 9th grader, said: “I like Romeo and Juliet because it’s not like every other love story, where the love lasts forever because both Romeo and Juliet end up dying.” Along with watching and reading it, the English classes have been doing activities to go along with it. They did a Masquerade, which is a dance from the times of Romeo and Juliet, and the classes have been acting out scenes with props too. “I like the acting because it lets us experience a little bit of what it was like to be back then. Except we did it less gory, instead of doing the fight scene we played rock paper scissors,” Johann said. “I also liked the dance, I thought it was going to be a disaster but it turned out quite fun.”

    If you’re in 8th grade this year, be ready for Romeo and Juliet. Bridger says, “Be excited for the dance and for the movies, it’s a fun unit to study in English.”