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Who are Hayley Johnson and Katelyn Hollister?

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 01/25/2016 - 14:35
Anna Birch; SJHS Staff Writer
Hayley Johnson, an eighth grader at SJHS
Katelyn Hollister, an eighth grader at SJHS

Some students do not have enough time in the spotlight. Some of them have great talents that need to be shared, like Hayley Johnson and Katelyn Hollister. Hayley Johnson and Katelyn Hollister are eighth graders at SJHS this year. 

Hayley Johnson does gymnastics. On her YouTube channel, she shows how good she is. She also does drama in school. Hayley said, “Drama is the bomb.” She likes the teacher and has been inspired to be an actress when she grows up. Hayley has four siblings, Jack, who is the oldest, then Logan, Cristy and Shelby. As a kid she played softball, but according to Hayley, she was not very good. One day while playing, a softball was thrown to her, so she raised the mit up to her shield her face and she caught the ball. Hayley is a girl of many talents. 

Kimberly Bortolone, an eighth grader, who is also Hayley’s best friend, said, “Hayley is always there when you need her. I can always talk to her.”

Autumn Olsen, a ninth grader, said, “Hayley is very energetic and her laugh is amazing.” According to Autumn, Hayley moved into her old house and that is how they met. 

Ms. McBride, an eighth grade English teacher, said, “Hayley is really nice!” 

Katelyn Hollister is an eighth grader at SJHS this year. She loves to write and draw. She also loves music and the internet. She has four siblings, Ashley, who is the oldest, then Grant, Melanie, and Trevor. When she is older she wants to be a writer. During school her favorite subjects are health and drawing. Katelyn said, “I like health mostly because of my teacher, Mr. Hammon, and because I like my classmates.”

AnnMarie Humble, an eighth grader and Katelyn’s best friend, said, “Katelyn is really funny and she has a good perspective on everything.” AnnMarie has known Katelyn since kindergarten. According to Hayley Johnson, Katelyn is funny and easy to talk to, and they have great inside jokes. According to Cassandra Vazquez, an eighth grader, she is creative, nice, funny, and nice to be around.