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Winter Coming Once Again for SJHS

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Sat, 12/11/2010 - 22:18
Sarah Cheney, SJHS Staff Writer

The winter months are coming yet again for Springville Junior High, and all over Springville. The leaves are brown and gone, and snow is starting to fall. Many people like winter, and some also very strongly dislike it.

Katie Liddiard, eighth grader, said, “[I don’t like winter because] it makes me stiff, and it hurts.” But Brittney Metler, another eighth grader at SJHS, likes winter a lot because, “Then you can have a snowball fight, make a snowman, go skiing, and my favorite, snowboarding.”

There are a lot of advantages to winter, and there are also some disadvantages too.  According to Mary Singleton, eighth-grade student at Springville Junior High School, one disadvantage of winter is that it is cold coming to school; but, you can drink cocoa, and have soup.

So, those are some opinions of some of the students here at the junior high, but what about the teachers?  Mrs. Elizabeth Bass, seventh and eighth-grade English teacher at SJHS, said, “Here are just a few things that I like about the winter holidays: sitting next to a fire reading a book; wearing warm clothes (I love comfy sweaters); Christmas lights; the crisp, stinging sensation of the cold air; building snowmen or making snow angels; the cleanness of fresh-fallen snow, and spending time with my family during the holidays.” Mrs. Kelly Anderson, Girls P.E. teacher at the junior high, said, “I love winter! I love the snow, especially at Christmas. It just isn't Christmas without lots of snow. I like how it covers everything and makes it look white and fluffy. It makes the world look clean.”

According to Mrs. Anderson, some disadvantages are slick roads and higher heating bills. Mr. David Hansen, Utah History teacher at Springville Junior High, said, “Winter has got so many different blessings, we can have a change of seasons, and we can appreciate spring because we have felt the cold.” According to Mr. Hansen, we get water from the snow which makes Utah famous.

There are many great things about winter, and overall, SJHS loves it!