Mrs. Taylor

Article written by student: Elizabella Francom

At SJHS we have many great teachers and we love them all. One of the amazing teachers that we have is Mrs. Taylor! Mrs. Taylor has been teaching here at SJHS for one year. This will sadly be her last year at SJHS because she is going to be a principal at a different school. She teaches Utah History here and, loves it. Somethings that Mrs. Taylor likes to do when she is not teaching is spending time with friends and family, going on walks and hikes, and learning new things. One of her students Jesse Bosermen said “Mrs. Taylor is really nice and kind she helps you with work when you need help, she also helps you achieve your goals and get good grades.” Mrs. Talyor likes teaching because she likes seeing students succeed, and she likes being around people who care about kids. One thing that inspired her to become a teacher is that she knew the impact that a good teacher could have and she wanted to be that teacher. We are going to miss Mrs. Talyor so much and we hope that she will have an amazing time being a principal and impacting kids in a different way.

Goodbye, Mr. McGuire

Article written by student: Brooke Constantine

Mr McGuire the principal of SJHS is leaving us next year and we will miss him very much!  He has made an impact on the school and made SJHS the great school it is. The students here at SJHS have enjoyed very much having Mr McGuire as a principal.

What does Mr McGuire like about being the principal?  He says “I have enjoyed all of the great students.” People don't realize that principals care about the students.  That is their whole job to help the school but the most important job it to care for the students. We asked some students “How has Mr McGuire helped you in the school year?”  Gunner Bowers a 8th grade boy replied with “He makes sure we get to class on time and he’s a pretty good guy.” Mr McGuire walks around the halls and tells kids to get to class on time.  Students don't realize that he is trying to help you. Grades and attendance start to matter and colleges will look at your attendance and if you have bad attendance they won’t take you. Brooklynn Zajac a 7th grade girl said, “he helps the teachers out so they are successful in helping me learn.”  Mr McGuire cares about us and how we are learning so he helps the teachers out with how to teach the students. Why did Mr McGuire want to become a principal? He replied with “I like helping students that need extra help.” What does the principal do around the school? What does he like to do? “I like to hang out at all the activities, I like having conversations with students and teachers, I like to be involved in sports events, I think it is fun to hang around at lunch or outside.”  He likes to do fun things but he also has to do things around the school that really don't get recognition. “I do all the day to day business of the school, I have to budget the money, hire the teachers make sure I get good teachers that will help around the school, I have to cover for teachers who are absent and find subs and I have to discipline students and teachers.”  What makes a good principal? Mr McGuire said, “A good principal is someone who cares about the students and shows with their actions and not only words.” We asked Leah Lanier what she will miss about Mr McGuire she replied with, “I will miss his determination for what he does for the school.”

Mr McGuire left us with some final remarks, “Continue to be Allies, continue to stick for each other as Knights.  Eyes open do the work, look forward to high school, do great things and do what you want to do and HAVE FUN!" It is safe to say that Mr McGuire has been a great princiPAL here at SJHS.

Testing runs April 29-May 9

State testing for all grades will run April 29-May 9. We will be on a rotating schedule where each period will have a 100 minute period during the testing block to complete their tests. Click on the link to see the schedule.

Utah Shakespeare Festival in the Nebo Schools

by Lana Hiskey

The Utah Shakespeare Festival is once again hitting the road with its Shakespeare-in-the-Schools touring production – this year performing one of the world’s first psychological thrillers, William Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

An evening performance for everyone is this Tuesday, April 16, at 7:30 at Springville High School, 1205 East 900 South, Springville, UT. Another performance will be held on Monday, April 15, at 3:30 p.m. at Spanish Fork High, 300 West 99 North, Spanish Fork. And, admission is free. 

Michael Bahr, the festival’s education director directed this production. “For many of our audiences this will be the first time they have seen a professional Shakespeare production,” said Bahr. “This program seeks to entertain, enrich, and educate with innovative and accessible performances to rural and urban schools and communities, many of which would not have this opportunity otherwise.”

Come be entertained and enriched with one of Shakespeare’s greatest plays – and again, admission is free!!!

Student Teachers

Article written by student: Elizabella Francom

Every year student teachers come to SJHS which is super exciting, but how do they feel about student teaching?  In this article you will learn how student teachers, and students really feel about student teaching!

The student teachers come in and teach the class. Let’s see how some students like this! Spencer Neel said “ I like my student teacher because they have a different perspective on things.” Regan Holley said, “I love my student teacher she is nice, understands the students, and tries to get to know them.” Student teachers are very helpful and the students love them.

But what about the student teachers perspective. A student teacher who is teaching English, Mrs. Stanley said, “I love student teaching it can be stressful at times though. I love working with Ms. Pina My favorite part is talking and teaching about what I love and interacting with my students.”

As you can see we love our student teachers here at Springville Jr. High!


Student Spotlight: Lily Holladay

Article written by student: Cam Hall

    Lily Holladay is an awesome 9th grade student here at SJHS. Want to find out more about Lily? Read on!

    Lily’s thoughts on school? “I like it, kind of. My favorite class is Biology because I like learning about science.” Some of Lily’s hobbies include playing the violin, and like she said, learning science. “Science is interesting because you find out how stuff works. It’s more hands-on than other school subjects.”

    Along with being in Biology, she is in English Honors, Orchestra, and Math Honors Plus. Max Whipple, a fellow 9th grader, who shares English, Biology, and Math classes with her, thinks she is very bright and smart.

Overall, Lily is an awesome individual, and if you haven’t taken the time to talk to her, then you definitely should!

On Wheels

Article written by student: Max Whipple

Do you ever just stop and think about how funny something could be, like roll-skating? Roller skating is humans intentionally strapping on 8 wheels just to move a little faster.  And here we are, SJHS students getting into a large metal can with 4 large wheels to go to this term's Citizenship Party, it all seeming very funny. When the wheels started to move, bands of students laughed while others blasted music from portable speakers. Parker Smith told me, “The bus ride was fun.  I sat with friends and listened to some music!”

The bus rolled up to the building as students grabbed their wheels and were off.  Multi-colored lights, resembling 70’s disco turned on as the rink quickly filled with eager skaters. Camren Jones, a roller skater says, ”It’s fun, I only fell once!”.  Parker Smyth, a 9th grader who roller-blades regularly said, “It’s fun! It’s tiring, but exhilarating!”. The few teenagers that were uncomfortable, definitely needed their experienced pals to lend a hand or a foot.  As the teenagers found their new legs, the staff played a game. The skaters moved sporadically around the rink, looking like balls in a pinball machine. It was fun to watch the skaters laugh and fall down, while grabbing their tedious friends.

At the end of a 3 hour skating experience, the lights turned on as the students came back to reality.  Brenen Salazar said, “ I would definitely come back to Orem fun center. I really like to skate and the games they play.  I come here with my friends a few times a year and I’m looking forward to coming back.” Meanwhile, I’m hanging up my wheels and I’ll stick to regular, good old fashion walking. Cuz that’s how I roll.

Techies take the spotlight

Article written by student: Ella Stewart

In every successful musical there is a fantastic cast and a great Director but little does the audience know, behind the bright lights and glittering costumes, are the techies. Manning the spotlights and fixing the mics they set the stage for the cast to shine. “I've done tech since I was like seven because I didn't have enough time to be in the actual play.” says Emma Payne, “If you don't have time to do the actual musical it's a good way to have fun with your friends that are in it, and it's cool to learn about the stage”. Throughout all the amazing things that happen backstage, it can also be very stressful for the teenagers, Naomi Connell explained, “It can be really stressful depending on what job you have.” This only goes to show, their job isn't as easy as it seems. As difficult as it is though, the plays are for everyone, “I’m not really a drama person.” explained Naomi Connell, “but I wanted to be in the play.” Whether you can sing and dance or not, If you’re not really a “drama kid’ or you are. Everyone is welcome, and every job is important.

High School Musical opens this Thursday! Shows start at 6pm on 3/21, 22, 23, 25.

Musical Rehearsals

Article written by student: Kobri Fausett

You’ve seen our school plays/musicals, but have you ever seen all the time, hard work, and effort that goes into it? Probably not so that's why I went behind the scenes at their rehearsal of the song in the musical called “Breaking Free.” We talked to one of the cast members named Belle Gabbitas, who plays Gabriella and she said she is very excited, and she thinks it will turn out good it always does. Then I continued to ask her If you didn’t have this role what role would you like to have? “I’m happy with the role I have but it would also be fun to try playing Sharpay!” What's the best part of being in the musical I then asked, she responded: “ I love the rehearsals and being able to get everything perfect.”  Watching the play rehearsals is very fun to see they play in action in a different perspective. The play is always very well worked through, and the cast members work really hard to get it perfect! It’s a cool experience to be able to see behind the scenes.

High School Musical opens this Thursday! Shows start at 6pm on 3/21, 22, 23, 25.

Love in Junior High

Article by Wynter Smith, student

In the spirit of Valentine's Day last week I asked people some questions about love. As “teenagers” in junior high I thought it would be interesting to see our opinion and point of view on it. A ninth grade girl responded to my questions with, “I personally don’t believe in love at first sight just because you don't know their personality. Also the fact that you can’t fall in love with someone if you don’t know who they really are.” Another ninth grade boy said, “The traits in a perfect spouse for me would be smart, athletic, funny, hardworking, and loving.” An eighth grade boy said, “I would hate if my parents got to choose who I get to marry because my parents have a very different point of view on who I should marry.” On the other hand an eighth grade girl said, “I believe in love at first sight it's a very small chance though, but if it's the right time and the right person it’ll work out.” Additionally, a seventh grade girl mentioned that “I don’t believe in love at first sight sometimes you think you’re in love with someone then you fall in love with someone you would never expect to.” Later on, a seventh grade boy explained that “junior high kids can’t really have long and lasting relationships because at this age we are too young to understand what a relationship means but it’s possible.” It looks like most of us agree that love isn't really for junior high students and it’s not very easy.