Hope Squad Helps Springville Junior High

Article by Ashlee Bayles - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Electricity is in the air as the students of Springville Junior High are in anticipation for the results of this years Hope Squad.  Hope Squad is a club that people vote for, it is initially to talk to people and make them feel better and spread hope to everyone.  The students at Springville Junior High vote for their peers to make up the Hope Squad.  The students chosen often hold meetings during Quest time, a free period if you don’t have a D or lower.  They will be the Hope Squad members until they leave the school if they choose to.  

Brynn Ross, a ninth grader at Springville Junior High, said “I think that the purpose of Hope Squad is to prevent suicide.”  Audrey Wood, an eighth grader, said that she thought that Hope Squad was to help people through challanges.  Paige Ballard, an eighth grader, from last year’s Hope Squad said that the overall purpose for it was to unite people and help people to feel part of the group. They also need to feel welcome and needed she added.  “Hope Squad is for people that are struggling or for people who are contemplating suicide,” Ella Kurban, an eighth grader, stated.  Ryan Glazier, an eighth grader, from last years Hope Squad replied that it is initially meant to prevent suicide and for people who are feeling lonely.

Just barely at Springville Junior High  the students got to vote for students to be their Hope Squad members of this year.  When asked what they looked for in the students for Hope Squad many students replied that they want someone nice and someone easy to talk to.  Wood said that someone who is listening and cares about you.  Ella readily responded saying, “I vote for people who want to be there and who are sensitive and open.”  

Paige Ballard explained that being a Hope Squad member meant being “trustworthy, responsible, responsible with how people are feeling, someone wanting to help, and to be the person who helps prevent suicide.”

Monica Distefano, a counselor at Springville Junior, has many things to say about Hope Squad such as, “I think Hope Squad is a great program to have at our school.  We’ve been running the program here for about six years.  Once students are trained, they know what to keep an eye out for, and the importance of referring students for help.”  She later goes on to say that the students have become good at communicating when someone might be in a crisis.  On the Hope Squad website it states how Hope Squad is a “peer support team” to help kids their age.  Hope Squad also makes it possible for kids that at at risk to get help from the counselors.  

Mrs. Distefano later states that last year Hope Squad went up to  Shadow Mountain for their training, and that they would meet weekly during advisory.  Last year the Hope Squad had a wonderful idea and came up with hope week and with a variety of ideas on how to spread hope.  Throughout the week the students planned fun positive activities for the school, and activities that made it so the students were being allies to one another.  Through the year the students continued their training to help their peers.  Her last remark was that the students did an awesome job with the entire thing.


Student Council, What even is it?

Article by Amanda Gardner - SJHS Student Staff Writer

You’ve probably heard of the Student Council here at SJHS. Every year the students vote for 9th graders that run to be their leaders. Every school has one, but what do they even do, stand there at assemblies and smile? It turns out there is much more to it.

Our student council members are, Christine White, McKay Dalley, Joseph Hammond, Jaden Tate, Scout Benson, Molly Hunter, Alexi Love, Gavin Jones, Brenna Carlton, Jacob Follete, Jesus Hernandez, and Johana Meza. They set a good example and are friends to everyone, and in the words of Christine White, one of the students listed above, they are “Someone to look up to.”  

Student council has a lot of responsibilities, McKay Dalley one of the members said, we “take charge of ribbon weeks.” They also plan activities, like dances and special holiday things. They help the sevies feel comfortable in the new junior high environment. Mrs. Jensen, one of the teachers that works with the members said, “They keep us informed about what students think about certain topics.” Molly Hunter another member of the council said, ¨I get to interact with a lot of people.”

Why would you even run for student council, you might ask? Christine did because it was “A chance to be a leader.” McKay thought along the same lines and thought it would be fun. Molly Hunter said she ran to “have a new experience and help out around the school.”

Now that the members are in student council, they love it a lot. One of Mckay Dalley’s favorite parts of being in student council is getting the t-shirt. Apparently, they get to put their nickname on the back. Mckay’s was Mackdaddy and Christine put C.L. White. Mrs. Murray, one of the teachers who has helped with student council for seven years exclaimed, “I love getting to know these kids! They are all so great! I love being involved in the school directly with students outside of a regular classroom setting.” There has only been one change this year and it’s the amount of members. Last year they had 16 and this year they only had 12.

Hopefully all of the 8th and 7th graders will consider student council because it’s a great experience and will help you grow. Christine sums up student council perfectly saying, it is “Working as a team to figure out how to help people.” Even though student council does this we can all aspire to be one team as a school and lift each other up.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Student advisory has been CANCELLED?!

Article by Taylor Benson - SJHS Student Staff Writer

This is no Adele song, but rumor has it that student advisory has been cancelled. Eighth and ninth grade students are surprised to arrive back at Springville Jr. High with the news. After a great summer, students discovered they have an extra quest time in place of Friday advisory. School year 2017-2018 will never be the same.

You may be itching to learn why on earth they cancelled Friday advisory. Mrs. Shepherd, the Springville Knights vice principal, explained we did not do advisory very well. Friday assemblies took away from our one-day-a-week advisory time. Lessons were created, but most of the students say they never did them. Nevaeh Chavez stated “I would not bring advisory back because we never did the planned lessons, we just watched movies.” Overall, it did not go as planned. Teachers and parents gave feedback to the community council, and the council decided to not bring it back this year.

Although we did not have advisory very often, it is still a big change to SJHS. It is affecting the springville knights school in different ways. Nevaeh said “ It is affecting me because I don’t get no movie time!” A lot of students watched movies in advisory instead of doing the lessons. Oliva Ottley, an involved student at the school, said she would much rather have quest time because nobody liked advisory. Madeline Park said “I learned how to play a few video games but that is it.” Another reason they cancelled it is because students did not get what parents and teachers intended them to get out of advisory.  In all, it is for the best, because another day of quest could help students get better grades. When we had advisory, students had to go into a specific classroom instead of a classroom they needed to go to. Springville Junior High Knights now have an extra quest time!

7th Grade Day and School Open House

We will run a modified schedule on Monday, August 21st for all seventh graders. Come meet your teachers and get acquainted with the school from 9:00-11:15. We will have popsicles and an eclipse viewing party afterwards if you'd like to stay. 

There will be an open house for all students and parents on Monday, August 21st from 3:00-5:00. Teachers and administrators will be here to greet you and show you around. 

Golf Tryouts


There will be a golf meeting held on August 10th at 12:00 PM in the school library for anyone interested in trying out for golf. Come meet the new coach, Brodie Berg, and get needed information. Tryouts will begin on August 15th at Hobble Creek. If you need more information, please call coach Berg @ 801-623-7414 or email him @ blsubman@yahoo.com

Summer Office Hours

We will be in the office: 

Monday-Thursday:  9am-2pm

Friday: 9am-Noon

2017-18 Registration

Registration information will be mailed out to students' homes on July 25th. All registration will be done online this year, and online registration opens July 31st. For Registration:

  • Follow the steps outlined in the registration link above (on our homepage) to complete the registration steps and then access your class schedule. 
  • Administrators will be available July 31-August 2 for fee waivers. 

The Library TA’s of SJHS

Article by Jocelynn Garner - SJHS Student Staff Writer

What's it like being a TA in the school library? Well there are many jobs; such as taking papers to teachers, stapling papers or making copies. It's a fun job, and sometimes you don't have much to do. You can apply for this class by turning in an application to your counselor. Austin Snarr took this class because, “I felt like it was a good class to stay caught up in.” he said. At times it can be a busy job. Teachers will bring stuff into print but it's “never too hard.” said Austin. Other students should definitely try to be a Teacher's Assistant in the library. Some advice Chandler Thurman and Austin Snarr have is to stay on task and get your homework done if you have extra time. Chandler’s favorite part is stapling or in spare time, playing on the computers. Austin likes to deliver papers to teachers. Although being a librarian is not a career they'd want, having this class makes them want to go to the library more.

The spotlight of Fatima Toure

Article by Jocelynn Garner - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Many of you may know Fatima. She is very funny and outspoken. She is great at soccer and could not live without it. Depression is a challenge and unfortunately she has to overcome it. No one can resist food, neither can Fatima. Food is a true blessing. Clowns are her biggest fear. Hopefully none show up at her house, because that is her favorite place to be. Her favorite thing to do is sleep. I mean, who doesn't love to sleep? Although she's only traveled to Washington D.C. it was a great trip for her. “Lead others in a good way.” That's what true leadership means to Fatima. Out of flying cars, robot house cleaners or moon cities she'd want flying cars. The reason be is that you could get to places faster. She would love to be a hairstylist just for done day to dye people's hair. We all have that one phrase we say all the time and her’s is “ugh!” Hard work is success, according to Fatima. If she had the chance she'd tell her future self, “you fiiiiine!” Clearly she's an exciting and amazing person.

Monsters of the BLACK LAGOON

Article and Comic by Trey Widtfeldt - SJHS Student Staff Writer

The most beloved day of school is coming upon us, the day when we have the option to go the Lagoon theme park, the Utah made park that everybody loves, it even houses one of the oldest roller coasters in Utah, as well as the newer and feared ride, the Cannibal.

The trip up isn’t like other trips, you ride in what they call the “Le Bus” a higher quality bus, typically used for tours, with the rumors of hitting the chairs a smoke cloud of dandruff appearing. They spared no expense for a high quality trip, which is great, let's see some opinions on people with plans to go to the Lagoon.

Tavio of seventh grade is no newcomer to Lagoon. Alike to other people, he had come there before and has enjoyed it. And in his terms: “That was some good stuff. Some good stuff.” Although Tavio has not gone to Lagoon since the new additions, his interest is increased with the new addition of Cannibal to see exactly what it has to offer.

If you are a seventh grader just coming to SJHS: Then the mystical wonders of Lagoon has just been opened to you with even some access to go with friends. The charge is small, even less so than going there without the school, so if you haven't had the opportunity to go, now is your chance!