MAN UP! Teen Author Boot Camp

Article by Trey Widtfeldt, SJHS Student Staff Writer

A little thing called Teen Author Boot Camp is pretty much a comic con for books. (Except it's for teenagers, you learn stuff, most of the merch is free, and you get to see authors.) Yeah. Comic con for books.

The only difference is there are two ways in order to get in. You can either be a normal person and pay to get in… Or you could be a boss and write a short story to submit to them and see if you are a decent enough writer to even get in. So let's meet some of them!



SUMMARY: Girl with lost family locates a well with the capabilities of traveling to an alternate world of magic.

THOUGHTS ON TABC: Hopes it will be fun, she anticipates meeting good authors and learning from them.




SUMMARY (of favorited story): Girl secretly balances a life of a normal teenager and being a secret agent.

THOUGHTS ON TABC: Especially hopes for a good learning experience, Laurissa likes the general idea of TABC.


The authors featured for TABC is Jay Asher, who is especially known for his major publication of “Thirteen Reasons Why” and Marie Lu, known for making the “Legend” series, which was even taken in by CBS and made into a television show.

If you have ever considered being a writer, or have even written some short works of writing, there is still a possible chance of submitting next year, which can give you a great learning opportunity for a good future as a writer!

Batter UP

By: Stazie Killpack - SJHS Student Staff Writer

In ninth grade, jr. high students have the opportunity to tryout for the high school teams. Springville Jr. is very excited to announce that Sage Bowers, Seattul Call, Gabbie Grimes, Lizzie Kurban and Laney Scott made the sophomore high school team, and a special congrats to Sage Bowers for also making the JV team!

“Being a part of a high school team is an amazing experience, and the best part is that the seniors treat everyone the same no matter what grade you are in.” Says Seattul Call.

Laney Scott tells us that, “ One of the coolest parts of high school ball is getting to know so many different girls at the high school, and creating bonds with them.” With accelerated ball, your teammates are spread all across Utah, but with the high school team we all live in the same area.

Another cool part about being on the team is the amazing gear they receive. Ball bags, bucket hats, visors, jerseys and so much more.

Sage Bowers said that, “ It might as well be Christmas when we get the gear.” Sometimes it feels better than Christmas morning.

The Varsity and JV teams have only lost one of their games so far, and the Sophomores are still going strong. When you can come support them by coming to their games at the high school! Good luck girls.

Spotlight: Lizzie Kurban

Article by Rainy Hickman - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Lizzie Kurban is a 9th grader here at Springville Junior High. She’s incredibly sweet and funny, and such a great person to be around. She’s pretty interesting, so if you want to know more about her, just keep on reading!

Lizzie wouldn’t consider herself well known, and is, generally, a friendly person. She thinks that peer pressure is dangerous and would define it as someone saying “do this,” and you’re like “eh,” and they’re like “do it and you’re cool, do and you’re cool.” Then you’re just like, “ok.” She would convince someone someone to do something that they don’t want to by talking to them about it, and try to tell them how it’s beneficial to them.

“Red is the color you feel when angry. Orange is the color you taste when you bite into an orange. Yellow is the color you feel when you smile. Green is the color you feel when you lay in the grass. And the grass is lush and soft. Blue is the color you feel when you jump into a pool. Purple is the color you feel when you’re in love,” Lizzie described each color, as she would to a blind person. If she were a crayon, she would be white. “Because I’m useless,” she joked.

“The desire to be better at something, to push forward, and work hard.” She said, when asked what inspires her. She works towards relaxing in her free time. “I love it when people are interested and passionate about something they do. I admire that they put so much effort into hobbies, or jobs, etc,” she said. Giving up on people I care about, whether it be family, friends, or significant others, would be the hardest to give up on. She thinks it would be harder to tell someone you don’t love them back. Her favorite part of the human face is the eyes. “Eyes are really pretty and you can tell a lot about someone.”

If she were to be any animal, she would be a jellyfish, because they’re squishy and floppy and kinda just flop around then ocean. She would get rid of South and North Dakota, and just make it one big state. She thinks that the most beautiful things in nature are animals, sunsets and oceans.

New term, New grades

Article by Micah Schmitz - SJHS Student Staff Writer

We have officially entered term 4, resetting everyone's grades, and weus a great three day weekend. The new term started well, ending teacher appreciation week, and starting the school play, Singing in the Rain. Students generally like it, as it gives them a fresh start with grades. Ethan Howard said that on a scale from one to pineapple, the new term was about an apple, which is probably a positive review. Carson Lyman said “Yes, Yes we are.” about liking the new term.

Kennedy Davis Spotlight!

Article By Jocelynn Garner - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Determined, athletic, kind, that’s the type of person Kennedy is. She is a seventh grader here at Springville Jr. High School.

She has two brothers and one sister which are all an amazing bunch. Because of that and many other reasons her family would be the one thing she cannot live without.

Kennedy’s knowledge on life or her philosophy is: “If you fail it’s okay just keep going.” I encourage you all to take that advice and the advice of getting to know Kennedy more.

Her biggest challenge has been almost moving to Georgia. Luckily that isn’t the plan anymore.

We all have that one thing we cannot resist whether it be food, your phone, an activity but for Kennedy it’s music. She feels most comfortable in her home, it is her favorite place to be. However sailing puts her out of that safe zone. It is her greatest fear. Sailing is clearly not her favorite thing to but soccer is. She’s been playing for a long time now and has a passion for it. She also loves to play tennis and she is running track this year.

True leadership is “Someone who takes care of the group.” Kennedy said. “Something you’re proud of.” That’s how she define success.

The best book she's ever read is The Series of Unfortunate Events. In her eyes the wonderful, helpful airplane is the best innovation this world has seen yet. She would like to be a stay at home mom of four kids once she is older.

I hope this article has been pretty “Chill” for you to read, as Kennedy would say since that is the word she uses the most often.

The Dating Scene

Article by Jenny Wallentine - SJHS Student Staff Writer


Here at Springville Junior High dating is something many kids take a part in, even though people “date” they have told that they actually don’t date and it’s more of a status kind of thing. However, many students are also against dating.

Every single person who was asked about dating said that they were aware of everyone dating. Kinzie Lewis, a 9th grader at our school says that even though she is in a relationship she thinks that dating is kind of stupid because we are so young and can’t even do anything like go on dates which is what dating is for. And Penina Strong said “ I think that everyones to young to be dating, it just creates drama and is annoying, but that’s just my opinion people are free to do whatever you want.” So people seem to have mixed feelings towards dating so young.

Students were also asked what they notice about people dating, Cam Monson and Brevin Park say that dating is something very cute but that we should wait until we are older and more mature so it won’t cause so much drama.  Other people are very much “pro dating” Tucker Kelsey said “I like dating, it’s fun and helps get us prepared for marriage. As long as people aren’t showing too much affection in the hallways.”

Dating is a great experience, that’s something everyone was able to agree on but the question is when would be an appropriate age, what do you think?

Mr. Rowley is AWESOME!

Article by Esmeralda Montoya - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Mr. Rowley is are assistant principal here at Springville Jr High.”He is a good assistant principal ¨ Said Tiffany Dalley a 7th grader. She also mentions how nice and helpful he is. “Watching kids struggle that's the hardest part” said Mr. Rowley he is a great assistant principal because of all the amazing things he does for people for example Mr. Jensen a science teacher he was feeling so bad on Monday he felt so sick his eyes hurt so bad well Mr. Rowley went to go stop by at his room and he saw how sick he was so then he ask “Are you okay” and he saw how bad he was looking so he said all be right back and he went and got him a soda so his stomach won't feel as bad. That's a type of person Mr.Rowley is a great nice and funny person Mr. Jensen said  “He cares about everybody and he is hilarious”. He also explain how he is a good friend of his

Did you know that Mr. Rowley has been here for 3 and ½ years and he also did not always want to be an assistant principal? Before he wanted to be a teacher and coach and they're both really good things to be but here is a great place to be and having him here as an assistant principal is great. “I like working with students I like helping people” said Mr. Rowley

He has help so many people and he is really good at doing it and SJHS is lucky to have him as an assistant principal. He has help so many people in this school and he also did so many things for teachers at SJHS he has helped out so much that he should be here as long as he can at least for another ten years because he is just so great. People here get their grades up and he has helped them all with that he cares a lot about his students here which is really nice. Tiffany explained how he is really nice and she had a lot of nice things to say about him like how he cares about his students and how he tries to help out as much as he can and when he can if he sees a student have an F or a student seems so down he tries to help them he always has those good jokes.


Article by Chandler Kiser - SJHS Student Staff Writer

March 27-31 there will be lots of fun events going on and fun things to dress up as.

Monday will kick off hope week with a fun start you will be able to dress up as crazy as you can and will be given Laffy Taffys if you do.

Kayla Jackson, an 8th grade student at SJHS is in charge of Tuesday she said that they will be dressing up with floaties and will be handing out life savers for the best floaties.

Ariane Perez-Diaz, an 8th grade student at SJHS is in charge of Wednesday and she said that 9th graders will wear red 8th graders will wear blue and 7th graders will wear white and if you wear those colors she said that you will get fruities and during lunch you will sign the hope wall.

Jane Wilson, an 8th grader at SJHS said that she is in charge of Thursday and will be handing out nerd and smarties if you dress up as a nerd.

Victoria Hunt, an 8th grader at SJHS said that she is in charge of Friday and will be handing out little flowers with inspirational quotes.

So it seems that hope week will be fun and exciting for another year and it also seems like a lot of students are excited for HOPE WEEK.

Singing in the Rain comes to SJHS

Article by Alyssa Badger, SJHS Student Staff Writer

Every year Springville Junior HIgh does a school musical. In the past they’ve done plays like “Crazy For You” and “The Music Man.” This year Ms. Utrera, our school’s choir and yearbook teacher, chose “Singing in the Rain, Junior” for this years drama’s production. The leads include Monte Taylor, Kennedy BIrd, Hannah Henage, and Colin Gwilliam. The play will be performed for everyone Thursday, March 23, Friday, March 24, Saturday, March 25 and Monday, March 27 at 7 each night.

Kennedy Bird, “Lina Lamont” in the play, is really excited for everyone to see it. She thinks everyone will love it and that it’s a really fun show. She says her favorite part about doing the play is “All the people in it and it’s a really fun way to meet new people and make new friends.” She said she did the play because she has been in it every year, she loves performing and her brothers were also in school musicals.

Colin Gwilliam, “Cosmo Brown” in the play, auditioned for the play because he thought it would be fun and he was in it last year. “I like singing and dancing.” he added. His favorite part about the musical is “The singing and hanging out with friends backstage.”  He is very excited for everyone to see the play.

Kim Bartholomew, a cast member, did the play because “I’ve always had a passion for singing, and I’ve always wanted to do it. This is the first year I have time for it.” She said her favorite part about the play is how fun it is to learn new things and how fun she has singing and dancing. She is extremely excited for everyone to see it.

The school musical is open for everyone to see Saturday the 25th at 7 and closing night is Monday the 27th. Come support your peers in “Singing in the Rain”!

Spectacular Student Teachers of Science!

Article by Jocelynn Garner - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Tall, beautiful, young, magestic creatures lurk around Mr. Bass’ classroom, but don’t worry it’s just Ms. Carey and Ms. Merrill. They are the student teachers. Their job is to learn how to teach a class one day, and help the teacher they are shadowing. Unfortunately they’re leaving after spring break of this year.

Ms. Merrill, one of the student teachers, loves teaching here. “I love the atmosphere. I love that the students are excited about learning [and that the] faculty is really nice and welcoming. Students are nice to each other” she said. Mr. Bass has taught her a lot of new things. “He helps me figure out what kind of teacher I want to become; methods of teaching different concepts.” Merrill said. “Helps us everyday. Always willing to bend over backwards to get us what we need; great ideas of what to teach; gives great feedback.” Ms. Merrill said talking about how Mr. Bass helps her. She wants to make a difference in students lives. She wants to teach them to “Learn to love to learn.” Ms. Merrill wants to teach science because it “explains almost everything in the world. You see science everywhere you go.” She wants to be a teacher because both of her parents are teachers themselves, they “inspire me to an educator” she said. She would go on roadtrips with her dad and he would say to her “Look out there, can you see the shield volcano?” She wants to be just like him. Ms. Merrill is currently working for her Bachelor of Science and Earth in Space Science Education degree at BYU. She’s been wanting to teach since first grade. Even though there are those difficult days the good outweigh the hard things.

Mr. Bass absolutely enjoys the extra help. “It means I can be innovative and creative, get supplies in order; take care of individual students; improve grade book maintenance.” He said. “They don't need a lot of help; they have an excellent base of knowledge; it's a matter of teaching to own styles.” Mr. Bass said. When he does help them it's “mostly by creating a supportive environment that allows them to be creative in their own way.” Without their help it would otherwise take time away from more important needs. Not only is Mr. Bass teaching the two of them but they're teaching him as well. They give “their fresh ideas. Help with technology. They have a different frame of reference and point of view.”

The reason that Ms. Carey loves teaching at our school is, “The students are generally fun to be around and are mostly willing to do their work. The people are very personable and down to earth, which is always more fun to be around. I like that the students are willing to learn, even though it might always be about fun or exciting things. There are many resources to help teachers to enhance the learning of their students. This has overall been a good experience so far.” Being a student teacher gives you a lot of opportunities to learn. “I have learned that getting to know the students and their interests helps me to be able to understand how to try to relate what we are learning to what they enjoy doing.” Ms. Carey said. It can be difficult at first to come into a new place with new people so do to get used to the place Ms. Carey said,  “I started off observing Mr. Bass, but now Ms. Merrill and I write our own lesson plans and teach the classes ourselves.” She is learning to be a teacher “Because it is important to me to contribute to helping young minds learn; that is learning not only on the subject of science, but a huge goal is to help them to become good and contributing citizens.” she said. But why science? Well Ms. Carey said it was because “ Scientific principles are evident everywhere in life, whether we think about it or not. Physics/engineering - roads, houses, buildings, etc. Chemistry - how our bodies work. Geology - just look at those mountains and everything else! It is so applicable and neat to figure out how the world works.” Her inspiration is.. “I had several teachers who taught me so much more than their subject matter; they showed us that they really cared about us as individuals and not just as another of their bunches of students. I learned a lot about life, being kind to everyone no matter how they treat me, and how to be an informed and contributing citizen. They inspired me to want to make a positive difference, as well.” She is currently working on getting her Physical Science Education degree at Brigham Young University. Ever since middle school she's wanted to be a teacher. Yes it can be hard to be a teacher but with what Ms. Merrill said the hard things are outweighed with the good. It can be hard with the preferences of each student, making it nicer for students to learn and the different science concepts can make the job hard.

Now after reading about the hard work and what it's like to be a teacher or student teacher, make sure you let them know how much you appreciate their work. It would be fair enough to say that Mr. Bass, Ms. Merrill and Ms. Carey are the most iconic trio at Springville Jr. High.