Contestants participating in Make it With Wool contest

Chelsea Ricks, SJHS Staff Writer
Caryn Crandall, SJHS student, took 4th place in the district Make It With Wool competition.

Last week the Make it With Wool competition took place at Mapleton Junior High School. The Make it With Wool competitors sew outfits that are at least 60% wool.  The contestants who entered this competition spent many hard hours working on their projects.

The night before the fashion show of Make it with Wool, the contestants had their item judged. The judges base 40% of their evaluation on sewing and 60% on fashion, marketability, and how the contestants accessorize. After that night, the contestants smiled for the cameras and showed what their hard work was for: the fashion show.

If the contestants win districts, they have the opportunity to go to state to compete with people from all over the state. If they win state they then go to nationals to compete!    

Caryn Crandall, a ninth-grade contestant in Make it with Wool, has been doing this competition for a long time. She enjoys doing it because, “It’s fun to learn about sewing, and I love shopping for all of the accessories.” It took Caryn a very long time to sew her outfit that she entered with. Caryn made a skirt, jacket, and dress all made out of wool. It took a lot of hard work, but Caryn said she enjoyed doing it! Caryn Crandall competed against high school students and took fourth place; she'll be continuing onto state.

Something’s cooking at Springville Junior High

Julie Barbosa, SJHS Staff Writer
Jarom Hendricks and Seth Daybell making pies in Mrs. Luke's foods class.

We’ve all seen those old black and white commercials. The ones with women in aprons standing over kitchen stoves. But not at Springville Junior High, where eighth and ninth graders have the opportunity to take foods class. However, they’re not alone with raw ingredients and dangerous tools, they have Mrs. Natalie Luke.

When you walk into foods class, the heavenly aroma of fresh baked goods and flour cling to the air, not the ordinary classroom smell of dusty books and chalk. Mrs. Luke has been teaching foods to eager students for seven years, and loves every hectic minute, “I love the interaction with fun kids who share their lives with me.”

The students don’t make boxed macaroni and cheese or toast, but make everyday meals. From homemade pasta to exotic sweets, these students have it all. They get to trade their text books and homework for food and fun. Mrs. Luke is there to educate them about a variety foods and the proper use of potentially dangerous tools, “I love to teach foods; It’s a skill everyone needs.”  Students couldn’t agree more. Ninth-grader Weston King said, “Its fun! Mrs. Luke is a great teacher!”

Students in Mrs. Maughan’s English class learn from history

Christopher Taylor, SJHS Staff Writer

Many people feel that one of the great things about English class is that it can incorporate all other subjects.  Students can write a science fiction story or read a book about history.  Mrs. Maughan, an English teacher at SJHS, has been helping her students learn from historical literature.  Students in Mrs. Maughan’s class have recently been reading the play "The Diary of Anne Frank."  The play is about a Jewish girl who lived during the Second World War. She lived in The Netherlands when the Nazis took over and was forced to go into hiding in a secret room above her father’s business. The students have been reading for a little while, and are now just starting the second act of the play.

But how does learning history help you in English class? According to Mrs. Maughan, not only does it help you learn about something in history, but it helps you become a better reader and thinker as well.  She also said Anne Frank is a great thing to read because “It’s really relatable to kid’s lives, since Anne is the same age as them.”

Most students are really enjoying reading Anne Frank. According to Brock Randall, an eight grader in Mrs. Maughan’s class, it is exciting and fun to read about the history of the Second World War, especially about the Jews that had to go into hiding.

Now that students are really getting into the play, they are starting to understand the characters more.  In the second act of the play, the characters are getting  to know each other and starting to learn things about one another and treat others differently. But it is hard to live in a small area with seven other people. Brock said, “In Act 1, they are just getting used to each other and the place they live in. Now that they know each other they are a lot meaner.”  According to Mrs. Maughan, there is more tension between one another now that they have been living together longer. Most kids in Mrs. Maughan’s class are excited to find out what will happen in the end.

Two weeks of pickleball at SJHS

Jack Setzer, SJHS Staff Writer
Two PE students playing pickleball in Mrs. Anderson’s class.

Every year, girls' PE teacher Mrs. Kelly Anderson has her students play a sport with a paddle and wiffleball. The sport is called pickleball. “Most students seem to enjoy it,” said Mrs. Anderson. The girls are all done for this year, but they play pickleball every year.

Students use different strategies. “In rallies, I always aim for the person who looks bored, because they probably aren’t paying attention,” said Jamie Devenish, a seventh grader. Eighth-grade student Darby Farr said, “If they’re far back, I hit it softly, and if they’re close, I hit it hard so they can’t get it.”

“I would play pickleball at least twice a day, no doubt,” said seventh grade PE Girls student Amanda Ripley, “If I had the time.”

New Moon Craze at SJHS

Morgan Bowser, SJHS Staff Writer

What is it that girls can’t wait for any longer? It’s New Moon. Many girls have been anticipating the release of New Moon, the second of four movies in the Twilight Saga.

Mrs. Mary Rice, an English teacher at SJHS, said she got into the series when a friend told her that Stephanie Meyer was going to be talking about Twilight at BYU. She then went and  read the books.

As much as the books are loved, most can agree that they aren’t perfect. Victoria Ireland, an eighth grade student, said, “The beginnings are really slow.” Savannah McNitt, another eighth grade student, said, “Bella is so ditzy.”

One of the greatest things about this book is the characters. Many people fight over who is better, Edward the vampire whom Bella is in love with, or Jacob the werewolf, whom is Bella’s best friend. According to Savannah, she likes Jacob because he is cuter in the movie. “I like both; it just depends,” said, Victoria.

So whether they are a Jacob fan or Edward fan, lots of students and teachers are excited for this movie.

New CTE teacher: Mrs. Woodfield

Sarah Jensen, SJHS Staff Writer
Mrs. Woodfield helping her students.

Mrs. Linda Woodfield is the new CTE and Teen Living teacher at Springville Junior High. CTE is a seventh-grade class, and Mrs. Woodfield teaches the Family and Consumer Science part of the class. “I’m very passionate about the things I teach,” said Mrs. Woodfield. The Teen Living class studies individual development, communication skills, self-esteem, family relations, dating, teen pitfalls, teen pregnancy, and taking charge of your life.

Last year Mrs. Woodfield finished her student teaching at Springville High School, teaching Child Development and Needle Arts. Anenia Tuttle, a seventh grader at Springville Junior High, said, “Mrs. Woodfield is a fun teacher because she always has something fun to do!”

Mrs. Woodfield is new to teaching because she chose to spend her time raising her six children. All of her children attended Springville Junior and Springville High. Mrs. Woodfield’s favorite hobbies include sewing and quilting, crossword puzzles, gardening and food preservation. She also likes to learn foreign languages, especially Spanish.

Rebecca Elzinga, a seventh grader, said “I like cooking the most because we get to eat what we make!” Students agree Mrs. Woodfield is a very fun and great teacher.

Students rewarded for good attendance & citizenship

Morgan Bowser, SJHS Staff Writer
SJHS students board the busses for the 95% attendance activity.

Now that the end of the term has come it’s time for the 95% attendance award activity.  The 95% attendance award activity happens at the end of each term. Students who have 95% attendance and didn't get any F's, N's, or U's on their first term report card get to miss school and go to the Spanish Fork Red Carpet Theater where they can watch a current movie.

Maddie Joyner, an eighth-grade student, said, “I like skipping school to go see a movie!”  According to Victoria Ireland, another eighth-grade student, she liked going in the past because she can be with her friends and not have to worry about doing school work all day it’s nice to relax. The 95% Activity Award Activity was held on Thursday, November 19th.

World Travelers Spotted at SJHS

Katya Wagstaff, SJHS Staff Writer

Many people love to travel to far-off places for vacation.  People crave vacations because they’re a chance to get away from everyday life and either relax or go sightseeing.  Most people go to see sights that are famous for different reasons; perhaps they go to visit the Seven Wonders of the World including the Pyramids at Giza.  Perhaps what someone else dreams to see is the Eiffel Tower (“Tour de Eiffel” in French) in the City of Lights.  Whatever that special place may be, students, teachers and faculty members at SJHS love to travel. 

Students at SJHS have a love of traveling to different places.  Julie Barbosa, a ninth grader, has been to Brazil and South Africa.  She said, “I love Brazil because it’s a party place and the food is great!”  Eighth-grade students Christopher Taylor and Spencer Duncan have both visited England.  According to Christopher, Oxford was a cool place to see because of the different old buildings.  Spencer said, “I like to go see the different places you can learn about Old and New London.”

As a teacher, the work schedule is different than “normal” office jobs.  Teachers have plenty of time in the summer for vacations.  Mr. Steven Robbins, a seventh-grade English teacher, has traveled to places all over the globe.  The most exotic vacation he has been on was to China.  Mrs. Natalie Luke, the foods teacher, has been to Ireland and Finland.  While she was in Finland, she ate reindeer!  Mrs. Lori Caras, a seventh and ninth-grade science teacher, couldn’t decide which vacation spot was her favorite.  She said, “Europe was filled with amazing history.  I loved being in a different culture and hearing different languages.”  Her other favorite vacation was Cancun.  According to Mrs. Caras, it was a relaxing place to visit. 

Teachers aren’t the only ones who work in schools and have time to take vacations.  One of the newest faculty members to enter Springville Junior High is Mrs. Courtney Johnson, an assistant principal.  She said, “Last May, I traveled to Germany and drove down through Austria and into Slovenia.”  Slovenia is one of her favorite vacation spots because it is “easy to explore” because of its small size.  She also went through the Alps, one of the largest mountain ranges in the world. 

These exciting vacations to far off places seem like you have to go to the other side of the world to experience.  But that’s not true, there are places in Utah that people across the world come to visit, and these places are practically in our backyards.  Utah is home to five national parks, which is more than any other state.  We also have many ski resorts to visit during the winter months.  This means that memorable vacations are right around the corner!

The year’s first choir performance at SJHS

Brooke Seaton, SJHS Staff Writer

The choir students at SJHS are exited for this year’s first choir concert. The choir concert will be December 2nd. The Apprentice Singers (seventh graders) will be performing at 6:45, and the Knightengales and Master Singers (eighth and ninth graders) will be performing at 7:30.

Mrs. Leslie Walker, the choir teacher, said that they have been rehearsing since the start of the year. Most of the songs will tell stories. The choir will even do some dancing in their performances. According to Andrea Dockstader, an eighth grade choir student, the songs are spiritual and Christmas songs.  The entire choir will sing, as well as students in groups, but some will get the spotlight to themselves for a moment.
No one in the choir seems to be the least bit nervous. Krystena Robins and Andrea Dockstader both said that they have been in plenty of concerts so no that it’s nothing to get worked up about. The students have good faith in their teacher.  Krystena said, “It is so fun.  Mrs. Walker is a great teacher.” 
The concert will be at Springville Junior High. “Don’t be late,” Mrs. Walker reminded the choir students. That goes for the audience too, you don’t want to miss any of this fun concert.

Students Practicing The Fine Arts at SJHS

Kenia Martinez, SJHS Staff Writier

Here at Spingville Junior High we have students with many different talents. And the school’s curriculum offers a couple of classes for those wishing to learn more and practice those talents.
The school offers a class called Creative Writing for those who love to write. It’s a class where students can practice not only short stories, but poetry and song lyrics as well. Halley Rencher is a ninth-grade student at SJHS who has started too many stories to count, but said she’s only finished a few. She said she started liking to write at the beginning of seventh grade. “I mostly write short stories and novels, but I’m starting to like poetry,” Halley explained. She enjoys writing fiction, horror, realistic fiction and fantasy.
“I’m working on a realistic fiction about a group of teenagers who live a secret life and what happens to them because of their secret life.” She’s also currently working on a poem about a hunting creature who likes to terrorize his victims. Lately, Halley has been writing more fiction stories because “it sounds like it actually could happen.”  Halley finds inspiration in her friends, other books and dreams she’s had. She said that there was a time when she was having a particularly hard time finding inspiration, but she’s starting to get past that.  She also often finds inspiration in an unfinished novel by her friend.
SJHS also offers a choir class for those who enjoy singing and want to practice and extend their skills. Holly Whearley is a ninth-grade student of Mrs. Leslie Walker, the choir teacher. Holly has been singing for six years. She sings slow songs, and she sings in soprano which is high-pitched. Her hero is Celene Dion. “She started out as nothing and became something,’’ Holly said, “No matter who you are, you can become something.”
Holly thinks she can improve on having more power in her singing style; she wants to sing like Dion. Her favorite things to sing are classic, old songs like Ave Maria.  She advises anyone who has a passion for something, even if they’re not very good, to keep striving for success. “You should follow your dreams.” Holly said.
Every kid likes to draw. Students doodle on the margins of their homework or on their notes in class. SJHS also offers a class for students to let out their creativity and get a grade for it. Jackson Averett is an eighth-grade student in Mr. Mitch Cudney’s art course. Mr. Cudney describes Jackson as an imaginative boy with advanced technical skills, good concentration and who is serious about art. He also said that he studies outside school in private art lessons. Jackson has been drawing since he was a little kid, but he says that he doesn’t really want to make drawing a career; he used to, but not very much anymore. He said it’s just a hobby now. Jackson's favorite thing to draw with is a pencil, and he mostly does pencil sketches. “I like it because just because it’s fun.”
Steven Nunn, ninth-grade student in Mr. David Booth’s band class, plays the guitar, saxophone and clarinet. His favorite is the guitar because he said it is much more challenging than his other instruments. Steven said he would like to make a career out of music. “Only if the opportunity presents itself. There are many other careers I would enjoy doing.”
Steven's number one inspiration is Eddie Van Halen. “He is the best guitarist ever... enough said,” Steven explained.
Steven started the clarinet in the 6th grade with Mr. Booth. “He is my hero,” he said. Steven has recently started to play with his father’s saxophone, and he has been playing guitar for almost a year now. The instrument that Steven wishes he could play is the drums and other percussion instruments.
Though there is not a class offered for every talent or passion a student may posses, there are still a lot of interesting, fun, and exciting classes to choose from.