Students Research the World in Geography

Max Schreiner, SJHS Writer Staff

Students are working hard in Mrs. Rebecca Murdock’s Geography class trying to get their country projects done. These projects will be presented in class on October 28th or 29th. Right now the Geography class is doing a unit on the Middle East so each student was assigned a country from the Middle East. Mrs. Murdock, the Geography teacher, said “I expect each student’s best work. They have an option to choose which type of project they would like to do, so I expect that they'll have fun while learning.”

“I’m doing Egypt because it’s the one I knew most about in this area,” said Katie Bair, a member of the class. She went on to say, “for my presentation I am going to dress my friends up like Egyptians and make them Egyptian food.”
Although the Middle East isn’t home to the most well know countries in the world, students are learning to make it work. Chelsea Ricks, a member of the geography class, said, “ I'm doing a country called Qutar, I hadn't ever even heard of Qutar until I was assigned it as my country project, for my presentation I'm planning on making a recipe from Qutar.” This is an individual project, but some students have the same country, so they can work on a project together but turn in two separate projects.

SIS Grading System Training on October 21 at SJHS

Kara Dunn, SJHS Staff Writer

With the end of the term quickly approaching, one of the biggest concerns parents and students face is grades.  Nebo District uses S.I.S., an online program, to track student attendance and grades.  Springville Junior High is hosting a training program for parents all throughout Nebo district on October 21, at 7:00 p.m. at Springville Junior High (165 South 700 East). This training program should be an easy walk through with two translators handy to answer questions or concerns.

Bilingual posters have been placed around Springville to inform parents about this meeting. It should be very informative and a lot of help to anyone who is struggling. Springville Junior High is excited to teach and help parents understand how easy this process is to check up on their students.   

SJHS Goes Red for the Week

Chelsea Ricks, SJHS Staff Writer

Last week at SJHS, the students showed their commitment to not getting involved with drugs. The Service Learning class gave out the dress up days and themes for the week.  Monday was spirit day, “Show your spirit by not doing drugs.” Students dressed up in their school colors to show their school spirit. Tuesday was hero day, “Be someone else's hero, and don’t do drugs.” Wednesday was sports day, “Be athletic, not pathetic, and don’t do drugs.” Thursday was swap day, “Dress as your favorite teacher and your teachers will dress as you, swap drugs for education.” Friday was crazy day, “Go crazy on candy not drugs.”

Students at SJHS think it’s important to not do drugs because, “drugs can ruin your life,” said Cami Sumsion, a student at SJHS.   The students of Service Learning made Red Ribbon Week possible. They came with the days of the week and put up posters that said “Don’t Do Drugs” so students would realize that drugs are not good for them.

Heroes at Springville Junior High

Kara Dunn, SJHS Staff Writer
SJHS students dressed up as their heroes. Left to right: Sky Kawai dressed as Superman, Brandon Chambers dressed as Dwight Schrute from the Office, Anenia Tuttle dressed as her mom, Andalyn Hall dressed as Peter Pan.

During the week of October 5th – October 9th, students at Springville Junior High celebrated being drug free with Red Ribbon Week. The Service Learning class picked a different theme for each day of the week so students and teachers could dress up and show their school spirit. On Tuesday, October 6th, Springville Junior High teachers and students dressed up as their favorite hero.
From Superman to their parents, students and teachers could be seen roaming the halls dressed as something they’re not, but looking up to someone else because they were living a drug free life.   

“I think it’s good for students to be able to dress up and show who their hero is,” Jennifer Bate, a Service Learning student, said.

“I think we need to support Red Ribbon Week to show people that we can still be happy if we don’t do drugs,”  Madeline Alispach, a ninth grade student at Springville Junior High, said.  Madeline went on to say, “I also think that students need to dress up and show that they have pride in their school.”

Ready, Get Set, Dress up for sports day!

Jacob DeRosia, SJHS staff writer

Last week was Red Ribbon Week here at Springville Junior High, and school spirit is busting at the seams. On Thursday, October 7, 2009 the students of SJHS dressed up in their favorite sports uniforms to show they are, and will stay, drug free.

For the past week the students and teachers are dressing up to “swap drugs for education” these dress up days are meant to celebrate school spirit, but according to some students, it’s just an excuse to dress up for school.

Anywhere from skateboarders to football players, to even dancers, the students at SJHS love School dress up days. Whether an excuse to dress up at school or a way to show school spirit, dress up days are very popular here at Springville Junior High. Though very fun, Students are still required to follow the school dress code.

Teachers and Students Swap Places as SJHS

Jack Setzer SJHS Staff Writer
Mr. Mikesell, Tanner Gervais (seventh grade), and Mrs. Gleave, believe it or not.
Mr. Mikesell and seventh-grader Indy McRae in Swap Day attire.
Student teacher Mrs. Murdock and seventh-grader Andalyn Hall.

Thursday was crazy at SJHS! Students dressed like teachers, and teachers like students! What’s going on? Why, it’s Swap Day, part of Red Ribbon Week. Swap Day represents “Swapping Drugs for Education.” On this day, students were SUPPOSED to wear what the teachers wear, and vice versa. The Red Ribbon effort was organized by the Service Learning class.

Many students and teachers think Swap Day was a good idea, and therefore tried to participate. Hadley Roberts, a seventh grader at SJHS, said Swap Day is “Fun, because once you dress up like the teachers, it helps you know how the teachers feel.” Mrs. Diane Bird, Service Learning teacher at Springville Junior High, said Swap Day was “A great idea, because I [was able] to wear a tee shirt, jeans, and flip flops.”

Some people really dressed up. Mr. Trent Mikesell, one of the Springville Junior English teachers, wore purple skinny jeans. You could hardly tell Mrs. Corrin Gleave, math teacher, from one of her students. “I had absolute blast!” said Mrs. Gleave. “I think we should keep [Swap Day for Red Ribbon Week] every year.”

SJHS students learn about the Government

Christopher Taylor. SJHS Staff Writer

Many kids want to have a position in or participate in the government someday. The Government and Law class teaches them how to do this.  Government and Law is an exciting class at Springville Junior High, where kids learn about how the government works and how they can apply its principles to their own lives. It is taught by Mr. David Hansen, and both ninth and eight graders may take the class during eight period. The class is one semester long.
Lots of kids feel like Mr. Hansen is perfect for teaching government and law. He knows all about the government and how it works, and he is eager to teach it to kids. It helps that he has already taught all of the students Utah History in seventh grade. Allan Maughan, a student who has taken both classes at SJHS, said, “When I was in seventh grade, Mr. Hansen was my favorite teacher. He was one of the reasons I wanted to take Government and Law.”
Kids in Government and Law get to participate in peer court, which is a system that helps kids solve problems between each other. According to Mr. Hansen, it is great because it gives kids a “fair trial” instead of one person deciding their punishment.
Another one of the activities the students have been participating in is writing a bill. They decided to write one about health care, since that is a big debate currently happening in the government.  Allan said, “Writing bills is fun! We get to put in our word of what we think of health care.” The students in Government and Law will be submitting their bill to their legislator.

Dancing at the SJHS dances

Kaleb Barnum, SJHS Staff Writer

When you were younger did you ever enjoy going to school dances? Well, Springville Junior High is having dances this year! They have five dances a year. There is the Welcome Back Dance, Halloween Dance, Christmas Dance, Valentine’s Days Dance, and the End of Year Dance. Dances start at 7:00 pm and end at 9:00 pm. 

There are four slow dances out of the whole thing. Students don't have to dance; they can sit on the bleachers during the slow dances. But when the slow dance is over they go back down and dance. The DJ, Audio Visions, has a request sheet so students can go choose the song. The DJ has a wide variety of songs.  There will be supervisors at the dances, like teachers and PTA volunteers.

Katie Bair, ninth-grade student at SJHS, said,” I love the dances. They are so fun.”  If you like hanging out with your friends, the dance is a great place to hang out with them. Jace Hartman, another ninth grade student at SJHS, said, “I love going to the dances. They are such a great place to hang out.”  The next dance will be held on Thursday, October 29th.

Go SJHS Cheerleaders!!!

Hayde Blanco, SJHS Staff Writer
Badger cheerleaders holding up their banner for the football team to rip through at the beginning of the footbal game.

“G-O Lets Go! Springville, G-O Lets Go!!!!!” These words are very familiar to the Springville Junior High football players. Here at Springville Junior High we have cheerleaders supporting and gathering the crowd for the football players.

According to Cynthia Esklund, Springville Junior High cheerleader, cheerleaders help the football players. Cheering gets them “pumped up.” Alyssa Nance, another Springville Junior High cheerleader, said “Heck Yes!” cheerleading is a sport.

Some things that cheerleaders do at football games are dances during half time, tumble, and pump up the crowd. A unique thing that Cynthia Esklund and her team, the Badgers, do is make a banner and then hold it up while the football players run through it at the beginning of the game.

Max Schreiner, eight grade student and football player at Springville Junior High, likes having the cheerleaders at the games because they are “cute,” but when they do their dance during half time it is hard to hear his coach. Kaleni Neiufi, seventh grade football player, said, “It gets the crowd and a lot of people cheering for us.” But according to Kaleni, his team mates pay more attention to the cheerleaders than the game.

Who is Mr. Chambers?

Sarah Jensen, SJHS Staff Writer
Ryan Chambers, new health teacher at SJHS

Mr. Ryan Chambers is the health teacher at Springville Junior High. He teaches eighth and ninth graders. Shyenaia Luna, an eighth grader, said “Mr. Chambers explains the things we’re learning clearly and thoroughly.”

Mr. Chambers said, “I love teaching health! I feel it is the most important class you will ever take.”  Eric Harrison, another eighth grader, said, “So far I have been able to handle the topics well. Mr. Chambers has been a good teacher.” Mr. Chambers lives in Spanish Fork and has to come to Springville to teach. “To be honest, it would not really matter where I was teaching. I love helping students make healthy choices.” said Mr. Chambers.

His students agree that Mr. Chambers is funny and not too strict. So like Mr. Chambers always says, “You can be the smartest and most wealthy person in the world, but if you don’t have your health, then you have nothing.”