Teenagers have brains?!

Article written by student: Carter Turley

Have you ever wondered what the most confusing part of your life is? Yep, you got it, it’s the teenage brain. Some teenagers and other adults have wondered what their brain does and what it’s like. Well, thanks to Mr. Rockwood, the 7th graders at SJHS get to learn about their brain being developed into an adult brain.


The 7th grade English teachers do this lesson called cross curriculum. Cross curriculum is when one teacher of one subject teaches another subject, so in this case the 7th grade english teachers would teach science. So why teach the 7th graders? A happy Mr. Rockwood said,” The 7th grade teachers teach about a man named Phineas Gage, from the 1800’s, when this man, while working on the railroad, got a nail through his head, and lived for about 20-25 more years. And the teachers ask me if I could present to the students about the brain.” Talia Tanner, a 7th grader said,”It was very interesting learning about the brain, abstract thought, and the hippocampus. It was really cool to learn about how the brain moves the hands, feet, fingers, and almost everything in your body!” Well, who knew learning about the brain was so much fun? Apparently Mr. Rockwood and the students he taught.


The brain is a very vital part in our lives, and we’re still learning more about it, so hopefully, we can get to know ourselves and our own body even more.

Cupid is Calling

Article written by student: Brooke Constantine

Valentine's day is a day where we give love to those we care about.  The students at Springville Jr High are excited. Some kids at school give valentines to their friends and sometimes even a special someone.  Valentine’s day is fun and enjoyable, almost every student at Springville Jr High likes valentines day but for different reasons.

Do you like valentines day?  Spencer Park a 8th grader said, “Yes, I like valentines day because it is a day dedicated to love those you care about.”  Just like Spencer said valentine’s day is a day dedicated for those that you care about. Drew Owens also a 8th grader said, “I like Valentines day because you get to eat cherry flavored chocolate.”  There are many chocolates you could get, such as orange, fudge, cherry, caramel, raspberry, mint, chocolate with nuts, and much more. Forrest Gump said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what your going to get.”  The first valentine’s day was in the year 496 February 14 and it's that way today. Having a valentine’s day is a very old tradition. Valentines was invented by the Romans. The Romans had a festival called Lupercalia in the middle of February, officially the start of their springtime.  Everyone has their traditions for the holidays but everyone has very different traditions for valentine's day. Hannah Barker a 8th grader said, “my traditions are I always watch valentines movies and get a little stuffed animal.”  Stuffed animals are a good gift for Valentine’s Day because they are cute, fuzzy, and it shows that you care. Remick Whiting a 9th grader said, “I love valentine’s day because I get heart shaped pancakes and pizza.” These are two very easy and popular traditions. The students at Springville Jr High all Love their traditions for valentine’s day they vary from having heart shaped food to having panic attacks before they give their crush chocolate.  Hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day!

How does social media and cell phones really affect teenagers?

Article by Alexia Hunter

One thing a lot of teens seem to have in common is their obsession with social media and technology. Of course, there are some teenagers who don’t have a cell phone or social media but the vast majority does.

I went around and asked teenagers at our school how much time they spent on their phones a day. The average was 5 hours. When they checked to see how much time they spent on their phones the majority spent the most time on social media. I interviewed a student about her views on the assembly about limiting social media. I asked “If the assembly inspired her to stay off of her phone and delete social media?”,  she said “Umm no”. When I asked “Why not?” she responded with “They are all just saying this because they want us to pay attention to teachers and what they are saying and not our phones.” When overhearing conversations about the assembly or even seeing on social media, no one really took up the goal of getting off social media or spending less time on their phones.


In conclusion, I think most students either didn’t agree with what the views on phones and social media were or they got bored and gave into old habits. Every person has their views on social media and how it affects people, teenagers especially. That is how social media affects some teenagers at our school.

Springville Jr. High Boys Basketball

Article written by: Cam Hall

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in America, and at our school we represent really well with both our teams. This article is on the boys team, but we have a great girls team too.

    The NBA was started in 1946, but the sport basketball itself has been played for longer. Springfield College, in Massachusetts, has the credit for coming up with the game of basketball in December of 1891. James Naismith, a Canadian doctor was one of the innovators behind the sport.

    Why is basketball a good sport to play? Will Penrod, a SJHS team member, says, “It’s fun, and it is a good way to get physical activity.” Games are usually on Mondays and Thursdays, and practices are every day they don’t have a game. “I like hanging out with my friends,” Will said about practices. David Lopez, another team member, likes being on the team because, “I get to represent the school.”

    If you haven’t been to a game, it’s quite the experience. Carter Turley, an 8th grader, says, “It’s good to see all the energy, and because I’m an 8th grader, I get to see what I need to do to make the team.”

    Hopefully you understand more about the Basketball team, and get a little thought from the players.

Fan Zone

Article written by: Kobri Fausett

We talked to Zack Antonino, one of the student section starters. We asked him why he decided to start the student section “ Me, Colin, and Maizie(all in 9th grade)  just thought it would be a fun way to socialize at the games.” The student section has had people that usually don’t go to the games start coming. Then we asked what his favorite theme to get people to dress up in was and his favorite is white out.Lastly  we decided to see what the people in the crowd actually thought of the games and the student section. Lauren Mesiar (9th grade) said “ My favorite part of the games is definitely the student section, I always dress up the one that was my favorite was the safari or Hawaiian themed dress up.” The student section is a great way to get people who maybe don’t know much about sports to go to games and support our team!


Article written by Zachary McNeil

Woodworking is a class to let you express your imagination and creativity through hard work and fun. Lydia Brooks thinks that woodshop is fun because of “Creating projects, and being with friends”. Hyrum Cardona also thinks the wood shop is fun and says  “Is not as boring, plus you can make stuff”. Woodshop is not for all students because it is hands-on when some students might be more into the paperwork.

Woodshop can also be very dangerous considering it involves cutting with saw blades. But once all safety tests are passed you are allowed to work on your project. Mr. Rencher is the wood shop teacher and foreman. Mr. Rencher teaches students how to create two projects. The first project being a wooden tension saw handle, and the second project a detailed chest. Woodworking is for 9th grade and all through high school.

Play Preview

Article written by: Jada Mayo

Have you ever been to one of Springville Junior Highs school plays? If you haven’t you definitely should when it opens in March. It will also help fund our school’s stage. It’s also just a fun experience for students. Quincie Barton said “I tried out for the musical because I like to sing” She also said that she likes having a good time. Quincie said the tryout process was this, “I had to prepare a song, wear a dress, and do a dance.” Overall, the school play is just a good fun thing that students can choose to be in and if they decide not to try out, they can just have a good time watching the play. We're excited for this spring's musical to open soon! 

Spotlight: Maya Brown

Article by Wynter Smith

Maya Brown in a seventh grader here at Springville Junior High who is currently on the schools wrestling team. Maya got a serious injury with an opponent from Spanish Fork. “During the match, I think the guy I was wrestlings got frustrated because I kept getting out of his holds. He went behind me and grabbed my wrist and put his arm around my waist. Then he kind of threw me, which isn’t illegal as long as he goes down with me. He didn’t go down with me though and  I hit the ground on my left side, I felt my shoulder pop inward. Everyone around me heard like a pop snap kind of thing. My coach thought I was better than I actually was tried I lift me up but when he did I was overwhelmed with dizziness. The other coach came and helped me up and got me to the benches. At first the pain was very numb then it felt like knives jabbing and piercing my skin. After I was taken to the ER, the doctors had to pull my bone back in place and put 2 crews and a metal plate in my collar bone.” Maya still currently goes to the wrestling matches to support her team even though she can’t participate. We all wish her a speedy recovery and good luck next year.

The Best Of The Best (Super Knights)

Article written by: Amber Haslam

This year’s September and October SuperKnights are Axston Squire, Jocelyn Mendez, Driggs Ellison, Ella Peterson, Alexa Child, Tommy Wilde, Julia Oberg, Coleman Jarvis, Warrick Small, Elizabeth Hogelin, Eli Whiting, and Edith Knoebel. They are all so excited to be SuperKinghts! I went and interviewed Axston Squire, Coleman Jarvis, and Edith Knoebel. I asked Axton, Coleman, and Edith if they were surprised that they got a SuperKnight award. They all replied by saying, “Yes very surprised. We didn't think we were going to get it.“ Axston added on with, “I was very surprised. I feel like my classmates should have gotten it because they work harder than me and they deserve it more than me.” I then ended the conversation by asking what their favorite part about receiving a SuperKinght award was. Edith replied by saying, ¨Getting able to be recognized by every student was my favorite part!” I also asked Coleman Jarvis and he said, “I really like all of the nice teacher notes they gave!” This is an amazing opportunity for all the students to get recognized and feel good about themselves!

5,4,3,2,1 Happy New Year!

Article written by: Brooke Constantine

It's the new year and the students at Springville Junior High are making New Year’s resolutions and trying to be a better person in the new year.  Resolutions vary from working out every day, doing service every day, or just being a better person in general.

What do New Year's resolutions mean to you as a person?  Hannah Barker an 8th grader said, “New Year’s resolutions are important goals that you make at the beginning of the year.” New Year resolutions are important you strive to do that goal throughout the whole year.  Spencer Park an 8th grader said, “Resolutions are changing for better and learning from the past.” If you didn't succeed your last resolution you can learn and try again to succeed. Adaliz Perez a 7th grader said, “New Year’s resolutions are bettering yourself and trying to succeed.”  Remick Whiting a 9th grader said, “Making goals to be better for the new year.” Barry Udall and Bryson Fulmer 8th graders both said “New Year’s resolutions are goals you try to do too be a better person.” We all have our goals for the new year and if we succeed in them or not it makes us a better person.  It's the new year, new beginnings, we have choices and chances to make us a better person.