Article: The Quest of a Virtual Future

Article by Ashlee Bayles and Ella Stoddard - SJHS Student Staff Writers

“There were clothing parts all over from college students and we were looking at all of the ideas they had created and portrayed in their designs.”  These are the thoughts of the few lucky students who were able to go on a field trip with Ms. Bird to SLCC. Salt Lake Community College is one of the only colleges in Utah to have an appeal fashion design course, which is one of their reasons for going.  Another reason is that Ms. Bird found her love for sewing from her mother who is deceased and this field trip was a way of remembering and paying tribute to her. Along with her mother, the late Leona Isabell Roylance, Ms. Bird dedicated the trip to the late SHS sewing teacher Carol Manwaring.

The students described the most interesting things on the field trip, and their responses were quite shocking.  Cheyenne Skinner, an eighth-grade student, said that she enjoyed “being at the mall” and seeing an old dress at the college.  Calianne Skinner agreed with her twin Cheyenne and said she enjoyed going to the mall, but that she also liked the tiny shoes on display.  Sarah Hubbard, another eighth grader, told people her favorite part of the entire field trip was seeing a jacket made out of monkey fur.

Since the field trip was optional the students explained that the reason for them going was because it was “fun, interesting, a good experience, the teacher invited us to go, it allowed us to miss school, and a lot of our friends were going.”  Once there they came to the realization that the purpose of the field trip was to “introduce them to the SLCC programs available on fashion design,” as Sarah says. In preparation for the trip, the sewing students have done a number of projects throughout the year.  

The entirety of the program includes a fashion show to make it into the school first of all.  Once in the school, there are very mild fees for attending SLCC. After graduating the class and finishing the course they go on to be self-employed and successful.  The head director of the course, Ms. Mojdeh Sakaki, deserves the utmost appreciation and gratitude of all the people who attended this wonderfully put together field trip.

Article: End of school and upcoming summer

Article by Jared Hernandez and Maliyah Maye - SJHS Student Staff Writer

The end of the school year is coming very close.  Every student is very excited to leave school and enjoy the freedom of summer. But every student is going to miss their favorite teachers and friends.

I asked if they are happy that school is going to end. “ I’m very happy that school is ending. Because school is sometimes long and boring”. Said Isaiah Carreno. “ I’m very happy that school is going to be over. Because I can go skate”. Said Tyler Bennett.

The 8th graders are Now moving up to 9th graders which mean they are now high schoolers. “ I’m very excited to start high school next year”. Said Ben Tenny

I asked if any student is going to miss any of their teachers.” I’m going to miss Mr. Booth He is a very fun teacher”. Said Isaiah Carreno. “ I’m going to miss Mr. Booth and Mr. Hammon They are awesome” Said Ben Tenny.

   I asked some future 9th graders if they are prepared to start school next year. “ I’m super ready. Because my grades now count for college”. Said Isaiah Carreno. “ No. I’m not ready to get graded for school.” Said Tyler Bennett.

With summer coming on very quick everyone is also deciding what everyone is going to do this summer. Here a list of things to do during the summer to make sure its the best one yet here.

Springville rec center: competition pool, spin studio, cardio equipment, track, concessions, leisure lounge, spectator seating, outdoor pool, equipment room, party rooms, leisure pools, lobby, office area,  child watch, competition pool, dance studio, gymnasium etc. there are so many things to go there and do this would be a very fun thing to do during the summer. This would be a very fun place to go with friends, family etc. it opens May/24/2018 make sure to check this out during the summer. If you are babysitting you could also take the kids you are babysitting there.

Going on a hike : here in springville and mapleton there are many different hikes to do in this area because we live right by the mountains. Such as left fork days canyon trail, spanish fork peak trails, spring canyon trail, hike the Y, slate canyon loop trail, squaw peak trail, powerhouse overlook, rock canyon trail, provo peak. These trails range from hard to moderate many of these are harder trails although there are a couple moderate ones on this list. A hike is a great thing to go to to get outside and really connect with nature and with yourself so go on a hike this summer. Another hike you should definitely do is hike to the hot pots. There are many of these all around the springville area.

Go on an adventure: go somewhere that you have never bene and just see where the day takes you don’t limit your time and options. Maybe even take pictures everywhere you go and then at the end of the day look at all the different pictures. Maybe even say you wanna go to mcdonalds or something like that and then walk there and go to a bunch of places on the way. This is just one idea on the many ways you can go on an adventure.

Playing sports: playing sports during the summer can be a very fun way to be active and let out energy this is also something you can practice by yourself and also something that you can do with friends and family, furthermore this is a very good thing to be social. Additionally Playing sports is also a very good source of exercise.

Go on a road trip: you don’t even have to go very far to go on a road trip. With a roadtrip you can go really far or even somewhere just an hour away. Road trips are very fun and very similar to an adventure. This is something that you can do with family, friends etc. this is also a very fun was to connect and do a fun activity. This is something that I would definitely recommend to do during the summer.

Go out for ice cream: Another thing you could do is go for some ice cream with your family such as SOS drug, roll with it, cold stone, rockwell creamery, BYU creamery, sub zero, baskin robbins, etc. these are just a couple of the many ice cream places you could go during the summer. Going out for ice cream is something very fun to do that can just bring up your spirits and make you happy.

Go to the reservoir: going to the reservoir is something very fun and can help you be active and swim in some cool water to cool off from the hot sun you can also build sand castles, tan in the sun, eat snacks, and do many fun things that can make your summer amazing. So you should definitely go check this out. In addition you can also fish and go on canoe’s.

Spend time with friends:spending time with friends is something that you can anything on this list but once again the can be very entertaining but if you are going to high school it will be very good to grow closer with friends so when you go into high school you have good friends to talk to and stick together with so that you have good friends in high school. This will also be a very good thing in the summer and also try to make new friends on the way.

Try a new style:trying a new style in the summer would be an easy way to reinvent yourself and try new things the summer is a time when you can experiment with your look without having to go to the school with it just incase you don’t like it in the end this would be way fun because you could save money, go to the mall and try new things. I would highly recommend this if you ever want to reinvent yourself.

Go to a concert:  in summer you have to at least try to go to one concert because going to a concert is a summer must do. This will give you a chance to go with friends, family, or by yourself and see your favorite artist while enjoying treats and partying because who doesn't want to do that this would be amazing to do during the summer and many people do this and this could also be an experience to make new friends.

Workout: working out in the summer is a great way to stay in shape and get ready for sports tryouts for high school teams, club teams, city league teams etc. and when you stay fit you feel good and from my experience you eat good feel good. Exercise also combats health conditions and disease, exercise also improves mood and boost’s energy. In addition to that exercise promotes better sleep. Working out can also be very good social experience to make new friends and have a much more healthy lifestyle. .These are just a couple reasons why you should workout during the summer.

Article: Term 3 No Tardy Party

Article by: Jake Follette, Cody Creighton, Gavin Jones - SJHS Student Staff Writer

The no tardy parties is a tradition here at our school. (A party for those who get no tardies.) SJHS held their third term no tardy party on April 23rd. The activity they chose to take kids on was the CLAS ropes course. As the title implies the requirements to attend the no tardy party is to have no tardies or absences for the term.  Kayla Jackson, one of the students who went, said that earning her invitation was easy, her advice, “Just go to class.” Kaden Paxton says to take his advice and just be aware of the time. For all their effort the majority of people enjoyed attending.

In Kayla’s opinion it was the best no tardy party so far. Kaden agreed, saying the activities were “really fun.” Many students said the school made a great choice choosing the ropes course and it pulled a lot of kids in and made them want to go. “The only problem was that the lines were too long, other than that it was great.” mentioned Kaden.

In conclusion, keeping a perfect record is well worth it.

Article: Poetry Slam, I’m A Poet And I Know It

Article by Kara Larsen and Madison Black - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Poetry is important to our school and important in life to broaden our perception of life. Poetry is a good chance to get to know other people and if your good enough, you can win scholarships or free money! The Poetry Slam is a event where students can show off a poem they wrote or where they can recite a poem that was written by someone else.

Each year SJHS has classroom poetry slams followed by a school slam. There is also normally a local poet who comes in to show students a real life example of slam poetry. 10 students are picked to then move on to the district poetry slam.

Slam poetry is a good time to talk about things that people usually don’t feel like they can address or talk about. Take Kimberly Torres for example, she is writing and will be performing her own poem about suicide because she thinks that it’s something that people need to talk about but don’t feel like they can. However, poems don’t always have to be serious. Mrs. Pina, an English teacher at SJHS said that the students can write about what they’re passionate about. Students can write about whatever they want, whether they write about ground beef or death, as long as they’re passionate about it.

A lot of work is going into the poetry slam and students are doing their best to write the greatest poem they possibly can. Rehearsals and performances to friends and family are how the students are preparing for the big day.

The school poetry slam was last week. The district slam is this week! Wish everyone some luck!

Article: Film Class

Article by Rylee Andreasen - SJHS Student Staff Writer

The 7th graders this year were able to take a cool class called film studies. Last year 8th graders didn’t have this option to take this class, so most of us don’t really know what this class is or what it’s all about.  

Gage Jeppson is a 7th grader at sjhs and he stated that he absolutely loves this class, “film studies is actually my favorite class, It’s really fun and we get to watch and learn about different movies a lot, and the field trips are super fun!”  Gage says that he would very much recommend this class to other 7th grade students coming in next year, if this class is still an option to choose from!

Alexis shurtliff is also in this class, she said that in this class you learn about camera movement, different angles, the story circle and how movies and books follow with that, you learn different film shots, watch clips, editing clips, and different sound effects. Alexis says that she really enjoys this class.

If you are into learning about movies and sound effects, editing and all of that fun cool stuff this is definity a good class for future students here at sjhs.

On march 9th the film studies students were able to go the new disney movie “The Wrinkle In Time” River webb said that the movie was super good and that she would definitely go see it again.  Mrs. Edenfield took them on this field trip and they all had a super fun time!

Article: Seasons "Great"-ings

Article by Ashlee Bayles - SJHS Student Staff Writer

This years track season has started off in a surge for the finish.  On March fourteenth was when the track season started off for all those interested in being involved.  One problem a lot of students had this year was that they did not turn in their physical and could not participate until they had. The first meet for track is on the Friday before Spring Break.  That would make it March thirtieth at Payson High School against the Junior High of Payson. The students at our school who are involved in track have been staying after school ever since March fourteenth to show their dedication to their sports association.  

Many, if not all, students have to do things on their own to help them do better at track.  For some that includes different things depending on what events they do. The events that the students can participate in are as follows, Sprinting: 100, 200, 400, 4x100, 4x400, Distance: 800, 1600, Medley, Throwing: Shot Put, Discus. Jumping: Long Jump, High Jump, Hurdles: 100, 110.  For different events the students work on different things such as Will Hollaway, a ninth grader, works on stretching, like they are advised to do, and then he works on lifting weights and bombarding weights. Unlike Will, Cheyenne Skinner, and eighth grader, said, “Besides stretching, which we are advised to do, I like to run on the weekends so I don’t fall short on my work for the next week.”  

Last week the students had to do time trials for the 100, the 200, and the 400.  Even the people who do not do running events had to do the time trials for last week.  The overall census was that the runners did really well for those events. Mr. McKell said, “Time trials went well we had a lot of good times. We were especially impressed with some of our 7th graders and how fast they were.”  “Time trials went great. We have some 7th graders that are faster than the 8th and 9th graders. We also have some distance athletes who are really good sprinters to our surprise,” says Mr. Hammon, a health teacher at Springville Junior High.  Logan Tanner, an eighth grade student at Springville, said that time trials went fast, and the people were really fast.

This year the students are really pumped for this track season and all that is bound to come with it.  All of the track students recognize the talent and the potential that their peers have, and it creates a wonderful bonding experience for circles of friends that would not, at norm, mix inside of the school.  Not only does it create that environment, but it is also a place that puts the students to their limits and allows them to grow. The track coaches have a lot of enthusiasm for this season, but the track students share in being enthusiastic towards this seasons greetings.  Mr. Hammon sums up the zeal for this year by stating, “It's going to be a really good season.”

Authors visit SJHS

Article by Brighton Platt - SJHS Student Staff Writer

We have had the privilege of having two authors come and visit our school. Chris Crowe,  an English proffesor at BYU and author of the books, Mississippi Trial (a book the 9th graders have been reading). We also had the privilege of having Lance Conrad, another local author come near the end of last month.

Lance Conrad spoke to the creative writing students and students in the reading for enjoyment class. Payton Evans an eighth grader in creative writing mentioned that he had a really fun approach in teaching them. “He was telling us an old greek story, and randomly would start talking in an old “Shaksperean” voice.” she said. “It was fun.”  She also said in her own writing that she was struggling and Lance Conrad was very helpful to her, on how to fully set up her world.

Author Chris Crowe, who came near the start of March, spoke about entirely different things, but still had great reactions from the students. “He told us about his experiences in Mississippi, while getting information for his book on the murder of Emmet Till.”  said Gavin Jones, a ninth grader. Gavin mentioned that he thought that these experiences were really cool, especially since they have been reading his book during English.

Our school is very grateful for the opportunity of having these authors come and visit our school, and we hope that they would want to come back again. Now, if you are looking for a good read, you should check out some of these authors books, and be prepared to be amazed.

Article: Mrs. Riggs wins Crystal Apple award.

Article by Cameron Hall - SJHS Student Staff Writer

The Crystal Apple Award is an award to recognize an awesome dedicated teacher. On March 15, Mrs. Riggs took home the award. In case you were wondering, Mrs. Riggs is a super awesome teacher here at SJHS that teaches both English and Creative Writing. Mrs. Riggs has been teaching full time for 6 years. She started teaching middle school in Texas at Scott Johnson Middle School.

What are good qualities in an English teacher? Ms. Edenfield described a good english teacher as, “Hardworking, dedicated, and caring.” Mrs. Riggs fits all of those qualities. “Mrs. Riggs is a great teacher. She works hard for her students and wants them to succeed.” You can tell in Mrs. Riggs teacher that she is very dedicated and caring towards her students.

As well as being dedicated and caring, Mrs. Riggs has an awesome sense of humor. “She tries to lighten up the class with her humor,” is what Brighton Platt said about her humor.  English can be a very boring class to kids sometimes, but it helps when the teacher has a good sense of humor. Drew Badger agrees that Mrs. Riggs is funny, “She’s pretty funny.”

In conclusion, being awesome can have some good consequences. Mrs. Riggs got the recognition she deserved on March 5, 2018, when she received the Crystal Apple Award. SJHS should be very appreciative of Mrs. Riggs and her awesome teaching.

Article: Hope Burning Like a Flame

Article by Ashlee Bayles and Ella Stoddard - SJHS Student Staff Writers

Red vines, lifesavers, tic tacs, gum, heroes, hats, be red, be you, twins, and touring. This is the life of the students of Springville Junior High the last week of March. The students had the opportunity to be part of Hope Week, which is a week that the Hope Squad used to display their beliefs on how life should be for students. Each day’s dress up represented something that the Hope Squad felt should be brought to the attention of all the people who attend the school. They had several meetings to decide what they felt would help the school become the “happiest place on earth”.

It’s true that the Hope Squad wants to come close to the idea of Disneyland’s goal of being the happiest place on earth. They aim to work together and make the best Junior High experience for everyone. The goal of Hope Week according to Ashley Edwards, an eighth grader, is “To make people aware of what students are there to help them if they need some support.” Emma Cox added to her statement saying that not only is it to make known the members of the Hope Squad, but to show that the matter of loneliness is not getting better, but being ignored. Gibson Condie sums it up by saying, “If you are going through hard times Hope Squad is there.”

Hope Squad put together that week with the sole purpose of bringing the school together and uniting us as a whole. While the dress days were fun, the Hope Squad put a lot of thought and effort into them to make them that way. Dress up week is not just simply dressing up it is symbolising what you believe in. Hope; “A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.”


Article: Summer is Almost Here!

Article by Cameron Hall - SJHS Student Staff Writer

From todays date, there are only 20 days of school left. The end of school is near, and that means summer is right around the corner. We are still in school though, which means we still have more work to do before we can check out of school. There is Sage Testing, which requires preparation before we can start. But we are almost there.

Sage Testing. All students have experienced it, and some may find it frustrating. Ms. Merrill, who taught seventh and eighth grade science this year thinks Sage is, “good for students to know where they are at.” Sage isn’t just to annoy students, it actually has a reason. There is a test for science, english, and math which goes on for a week or two. After that is the fun stuff.

At Springville Junior HIgh, we have the awesome opportunity to go to Lagoon as a school. As a little treat for Sage Testing we take buses for a day at Lagoon. A couple of hours to run around and enjoy the park. This year it is on May 18, so make sure to get your detentions and deficients made up so you can go enjoy Lagoon.

Sadly, after summer, school will resume again, as it always does. Seveys will no longer be seveys, eighth graders will be the king of the school, and ninth graders will move on to high school. Angela Lopez, in ninth grade is excited for a “fresh start with some of the same kids.” Whether you are excited or not, school will come again and it will bring some changes.

Even though school will always resume, make sure you enjoy the end of school and have an awesome and safe summer. Try to do more outside stuff rather than being camped inside on electronics.