Holiday Traditions

Article written by: Kennedie Young

Holiday traditions, everyone has them. But what are they? Evan Smith an 8th grader defines traditions as “A time where everyone is gathered together, it is a time to make memories.”. Here are the traditions of some students. Olivia Dover an 8th grader shares her family’s traditions “On Christmas eve we go to my grandparents house and have a big dinner, and we open our Christmas pj’s. At the beginning of December we go and see Christmas lights” Now we have another student, Sarah Hubbard telling us her traditions“ On Christmas morning we have orange cinnamon rolls for breakfast with our grandpa. Every year we draw names for our siblings.” Luna Melicio, an 8th grader tells her family's traditions. “ Every year we open some presents on Christmas eve, and on Christmas we go to our aunts house.” The holidays are a time to spend with your family and friends and feel joy and happiness. Happy holidays, everyone!

New Citizenship Program For The School

Article written by: Remick Whiting

Recently our school started a new program, chivalry citizenship. What it is, is all the students get a card that has a bunch of awards on it such as extra credit,a free treat or a free tardy. How it works is if you have a good citizenship grade you can use these rewards to go to lunch 5 minutes early and get $1 off of a dance/Play. Most students are happy about the change, Kelly Robertson said “I like the chivalry card because we get to go to lunch early also, I like the free treat because we get free food.” On the chivalry cards there are three early lunches. When you use them you get to go to lunch 5 minutes early so you have a chance of getting the food you want. “I like the chivalry card because they give us free hall passes. In my classes I only get three hall passes and when they run out i don’t get any more so the free hall passes on the cards are nice,” Said Emyliah Colon. Most teachers in our school only give us three hall passes. These hall passes have to last you about 2 months and if you use them all up then your out until next term. It is nice to have these options that are on the card just in case you need them. I am looking forward to the next chivalry party which is the party we get if we have good grades and a good citizenship grade. I’ve heard rumors that it is going to be a skating party. Either ice skating or rollerblading. I hope you're looking forward to it too!

The Christmas Dance, love it or hate it

Article written by: Libby Hodson

Some students say that the dances have become a little boring. When asking the students what they thought, there were lots of different opinions.

When asking Lauren Mesinar what she thought about the dance she said “Yes I think they are fun to go to.” Lauren said that her favorite part about the dances is being able to talk to all of her friends.

“ I also like to dress up when it’s like ugly sweaters, or formal.” Lauren replied.                                                                   

  Josh Mcallson said that he likes to go to the dances, they are fun and really exciting to go to.

“ My favorite part about the dance is how lit they get” he responded to when asked what his favorite part of the dances were. Josh says that he likes to dress up for the dances and go all out.

   Lastly when asking Abby Ruff what she thought of the dances she replied with “ I think they are ok, they can be fun sometimes, but sometimes not so much.” Abby says that her favorite thing about the dances are being able to hang out with friends.

So most people like the dance, but there are some people who think that they are just boring. What do you think about the dances? 

9th Grade Honors English Field Trip to the BYU MOA

Article by Aspen Clyde

English honors field trip to the BYU art museum was a wondrous and new experience for multiple students. The honors students were attending the field trip to observe Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. Pictures and posters fully displayed  Inspiring and heart wrenching pictures showing police brutality, segregation, pure joy, agony, war, and love. Isaac Neilson said that “ The sculptures were unique and very cool” The picture above shows one of the favorite art exhibits called “Windswept” and was created by Patrick Dougherty. Mrs.Pina a honors English teacher who attended the field trip said about the windswept that it was, “A really cool sculpture, I was amazed at how they made huge arches out of sticks alone.” This exhibit was made of 30,000 pounds of saplings, was over twelve feet tall and absolutely massive. Filling an entire section of the museum. This trip was a mind changing experience making us grateful for our freedom and the creativity of the people not just in our community put all over the world.

National Junior Honors Society

Article written by: Elizabella Francom

Have you ever heard about NJHS and wondered what it means? Well it means National Junior Honor Society. In NJHS you have the opportunity to do a lot of fun and exciting service projects, such as going to Art City Elementary and helping out with the carnival, going to the citizen center and singing songs to bring in the holiday joy! Mrs. Ottley is the teacher in charge of NJHS, she said “NJHS is a great way to do service and get good leadership skills.”

Being in NJHS is so much fun! Katie Durfey said “I like NJHS because it gives you good service opportunities,you  get to be apart of the community, and you get to be around people who also want to serve.” In NJHS there is a presidency, Cooper Acor is the president, Zach Jackson is first vice president, and Ashlee Edwards is the service coordinator. Cooper said “ I liked being the president because he gets to help people in NJHS, serve the community, and you get to help people.” NJHS is really fun and good for college resumes, it shows that you like doing service! 

NJHS sounds so much fun and you get to do all of these fun things. NJHS is a great way to serve others and to have fun!


Girls Basketball

Article written by: Ella Stewart

Everybody chooses their own path, what we do now defines who we are and what we will become. Out of the three girls that I interviewed two of them started playing very young. All of them love it. Ashlee Bayles described it as defining. Elizabella Francom described it as exciting, Ady Ashcroft described it as competitive. Even though they all play different positions, even though they all have different views. All of them hope to do it again. The girls basketball team works hard to win, they practice every day. They have won every game, undefeated. The team is close and they work together to get what they want. They treat each other like family and they use that bond to do what needs to be done. The girls basketball team is an example to all of us that if we put our minds too something we can do anything.

“Excelsior Stan Lee, Excelsior”!

Article written by: Carter Turley

Stan Lee died on November 12, 2018, and millions of Marvel fans are devastated. He is the god of Marvel and Cameos! He’s created most of the famous Marvel icons including Captain America, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and one of his most favorites, as well as mine, Spider-man! When he started, he was just a writer, and people would ask him what his job was, and he would always say,’’ I’m a writer”, and maybe sometimes people would ask, well, what do you write?, and then he would always say,” Kid novels”, and walk away, not knowing that he would soon be famous.


“I felt very sad and depressed because a legend had died, but hopefully Marvel can finish what Stan Lee started” said Connor Roberts, a long time lover. “ I don’t believe that many people will see it without Stan Lee, and now that gives Disney a chance to take over and make it a bit worse,” says theory-minded Evan Smith. But hopefully not, but Marvel is too Excelsior for Disney, hopefully I’m using that term right. And that was Stan Lee’s most famous quote, which the real definition means superior quality, but the way he uses it, Stan means and “onward and upward to greater glory" as he said in 2009 in late August. But one thing's for certain, never again will he be a in a real life cameo anymore. But, sources say that Marvel has over dozens of Cameo recordings of Stan Lee for upcoming movies, and hopefully they’re right, cause no other Avengers, Spider-man, or Guardians of the Galaxy movie won’t be the same without a great cameo.


Now, it’s time to say goodbye to Stan Lee, and the Cameo Legend Stan Lee, and the famous comic book writer Stan Lee, so, “Excelsior Stan Lee, Excelsior”!


Meet Mr. Anderson

Article by Sarah Hubbard

Mr. Anderson is a math teacher at Springville Jr. High. He teaches 7th grade and 9th grade Honors math. His class is often talked about a lot, why? Elizabella Francom one of his 9th grade Honor students said when asked about his class, “Mr. Anderson is a great teacher, he teaches in a way that is easy to understand.” A 7th grader who is in his 7th grade math class, Kya Corrales agrees with Elizabella Francom on “He teaches in a way I understand.” Ryan Hubbard a former student of Springville Jr. High who is now attending Springville High. When asked about taking Mr. Anderson’s class Ryan said, “I loved Mr. Anderson’s class! Although it was hard it prepared me for high school!” Ryan also offered some advice for any student in Mr. Anderson’s class, he said, “Just say caught up on homework and keep all your assignments above 80%.” Everyone is so happy we have Mr. Anderson here at Springville Jr. High!


The Secrets Behind Student Council

Article by Remick Whiting

Most people may think that Student Council is just students working to make the school a happy and fun place for fellow students. But let's go behind the scenes and see what really happens in the 45 minute class period during school. Student Council is always helping around school whether it's ` making posters or having a meeting with  the assistant principal but no matter what they are doing they are always busy. Zach Jackson said “When we aren’t helping fellow students with school we usually meditate or do whatever we can” Meditation is a type of focused thinking it can help you feel calm and not stressed about the daily world around you. Payton Evans said” Meditation is when she makes us lay down or sit up in a relaxing position and reads us a story with lots of description and it really helps me stay calm and not feel stressed.”Others on Student Council like Dallin Hatfield said “we meditate, talk, or have a party.” In other words when they party they talk and chat with friends. Though Student Council may be a lot of work such as making posters and helping out around the school, they still have some free time to hang and chat with friends. But they also have plenty of time to meditate.

What's your future?

Article by Ella Stewart

Throughout our entire lives we have been asked what we want to do when we grow up, who are we now and who do we want to become? As we learn and grow ,our answers change and grow with us. We start to want different things and work on improving them in our daily actions.  Sometimes we don't know what we want, so we are stranded in an fictitious limbo; not knowing where we stand, not quite sure which way to go. We push ourselves and eventually find what we want to be, and how we will achieve that goal.

When we talk about what we would like to do with our futures we get an expansive amount of answers, each more unique than the other. Regan Holley reported that she would like to be a doctor, she’s excited for high school because of the opportunities that are presented before her.  These opportunities prepare her for the path she may eventually take. Another student at SJHS, Kaenan Walker would like to skate. He is not excited for highschool because in his opinion it does not prepare him for what he wants to do with his future. Others would rather sleep than anything else, such as Ben Carson so as you can guess they would prefer to be home than high school. You can imagine that they will change their minds in the near future considering there are very few ways one can major in sleeping.


With all of the different thoughts and opinions received from asking a few simple questions, it all ended in the same sole conclusion. They all want to do something, it doesn't matter what they want to do because they all have a plan for the future whether it is clear or not. They have a plan and they are all willing to find a way to go through with it and follow their dreams.