Ms. Jensen

Article by Zachary McNeil

A student Olivia Haigh says that Ms. Jensen “makes the classroom fun brighty and happy.” Ms. Jensen has been teaching English here at Springville Jr. High School since 2015. Ms. Jensen was asked why she teaches English, she replied “because storytelling is always important. Books help make us better people. English is the most fun… personally.”

Ms. Jensen enjoys Fantasy. Her favorite book is Mila 18 and her favorite book to teach is The Outsiders. Ms Jensen also enjoys teaching poetry.

The week of the red ribbon

Article by Bridger Mason

Red ribbon week is an entire week devoted to the promotion of adrug free life. The school supports activities to raise the awareness of the dangers of drugs and how to avoid it. 

      There are many activities to do during the Red Ribbon Week. One of the best known activities is a daily dress up in which you get to dress up as something and go to school wearing it. Each day has a specific theme for dressing. The themes for this year are as follows: Monday was red ribbons, Tuesday was cool socks, Wednesday was crazy hair and inside-out, Thursday is sweats and sports clothes, and Friday was simply to wear red. Many students enjoy dressing up. Travis Nord, a ninth grader stated, “I enjoy dressing up because it is great for awareness.” others, like Adison Green, a ninth grader, just enjoy seeing other people dress up.

      Another activity during Red Ribbon Week are special activities during lunch time. When asked, Adison Green didn’t even know that there were lunch activities while Travis Nord said, “ I think [the lunch activities] are pretty fun.” One day during lunch they had a picture booth with Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper!

    One activity that everyone knew about was an assembly during the Friday of Red Ribbon Week where Brad Barton, a famous magician and world record breaker came and showed some tricks  and talked about how hard he had to work to break the record for the 45-year old 3k.

 Red ribbon week is an enjoyable week for all and it helps awareness of drug abuse. When people know more about the consequences of drugs, they are less likely to do them, and they do it in a fun way.

Digital Literacy

Article by Alexia Hunter

This year there is a new class that is being required by the State for 8th graders to take. It is called Digital Literacy and it is exactly what it sounds like. The whole purpose of this class is to teach kids about computers and how to teach them. Mrs. Maughan the former english teacher teaches this class. She was looking for a fun, new change and was talking to Mr. Mcguire and they came to an agreement that she would take the job. Mrs. Maughan says that she thinks this class is awesome and can tell that the students do too. “Yes, it’s awesome.” she said “Kids love computers and I think that everyone wants to be better at them because they know how important they are besides just “Shell Shocker”. Which is a very popular game amongst the 8th graders. There are many great reasons as to why this class is necessary, and that is why Mrs. Maughan likes teaching it. There are tons of practical opportunities for kids to learn about technology and enjoy it. This is now a permanent and awesome class that kids will love taking!

Mrs. Bird 9 Grade Apparel Design & Production Class

Article by Sarah Hubbard

Forty-Five minutes of hard work and fun. Students get to put their own personal zing on each apparel design project that they make. Apparel Design and Production is a class for 9th Graders at Springville Jr. High, the class is taught Mrs. Bird a Clothing and CTE Introduction teacher. In Apparel Design and Production, student Calianne Skinner said, that her favorite sewing project this year so far has been the overnight bag/duffel bag. Calianne Skinner said, when asked what project she is looking forward to, “I’m looking forward to being able to make my quarter quilt!” Emma Burnham, like Calianne a Apparel and Production student at Springville Jr. High agrees with Calianne Skinner, that the project that she is looking forward to is the quarter quilt. To conclude, Apparel Design and Production is a fun 9th Grade class where you make many fun, creative projects that you get to put your mark on! 

Fall Joy

Article by Brooke Constantine

Colorful leaves are falling the pumpkin spice is calling, fall is here there is joy in the atmosphere.   What is your favorite thing about fall?  Andrew Owens and Tayden Metcalf both said, “my favorite thing about fall is Halloween.”  Andrew Owens said, “I like it because i get to see everyone's Halloween costumes.” Lots of people enjoy Halloween, from carving pumpkins to halloween costumes this is many of the students favorite thing about fall.  Another one of students favorites is Thanksgiving. Tayden Metcalf said, “Thanksgiving is good because there is food and family.” Thanksgiving is a way to give thanks to good things in life. It's a time were you can sit down as a family and enjoy a delicious meal.  Tatum Chamberlain said, “I love all of the food at Thanksgiving and hanging with friends and family.” Thanksgiving started when Pilgrims came to America and met with the Indians and made friends this is a very important holiday to Americans. Fran Hernandez said that she likes fall because “The weather is nice and it's not hot anymore!”  Most people like that you're not boiling hot anymore. Now it's nicer cooler weather. A lot of people love to jump into a pile of leaves. Fall is a very enjoyable season, from taking a nice hike to jumping in leaves there are many fun things about this wonderful season

Save the Kids free Parent Education Night sponsored by Nebo School District

By Lana Hiskey

All invited to the #savethekids free Parent Education Night sponsored by Nebo School District on November 5, 2018, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. in the Springville High audirorium at 1205 East 900 South in Springville, Utah.

Collin Kartchner and Dr. Katey McPherson will lead a discussion on:

  • Balancing screen time and device use,
  • Protecting and cultivating our children's self worth,
  • Devising a sensible family use of device plan.

The Girls Tennis Team!

Article by Libby Hodson

Thisyears girls tennis team is awesome! We wanted to get to know all about the team. 

First we interviewed the varsity first singles, Amanda Felix. When asked why she tried out for the team she replied, “I love the team, and I love to play tennis!” Amanda says that she has played tennis since she can remember, she loves the sport!

   Next we asked Ellie Esplin what her favorite thing about tenis was and she said “I love rallys, they are so fun!” She and her partner Zoe Smith play varsity first doubles. Ellie has been playing tennis since last year, and she says that she loves it!

 Lastly Kate Peterson said that she started playing tennis about two summers ago and she’s loved playing it ever since. Kate and her twin sister Ginny play third doubles together.  “My favorite thing about playing with her is that you can communicate.” Kate replied.

 In conclusion this years girls tennis team is awesome! The girls love to play and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year!

Meet Mrs. Burge

Article by Kobri Fausett

Mrs.Burge is a newer teacher here at our school, let's find out where she came from. Where did Mrs.Burge teach before you may be wondering, she explained, “I taught for 5 years i the Jordan School district,  and then I stayed home for 9 years with my kids. I then taught a Mountainville Academy for a year before my husband got a principalship down is San Juan county. I worked as a teacher there for 7 years.”

That's so fun to be going to different places and trying some new stuff. All of this experience definitely prepared her for everything to come in the future. All of that switching around, how did that bring her here? Mrs. Burge explained  “Even Though we loved our student there, we jumped at the chance to be closer to family. I picked Springville Jr HIgh because of the awesome administrative team and beautiful building.” what is some differences between those districts? “In my last school district the building was much older. I am lucky to have such a beautiful nw building. Another big difference is my new teaching teams. In my old school, I was the only ELA( English Language Arts) teacher for an entire grade ; here at sjhs we have 3 or 4 per grade. It’s nice to be able to collaborate with a team. I did get paid quite a bit more in San Juan School District, and i had twice as much sick days, in spite of that, I love being a Knight!”

9th Grade Visits SUU to See The Iliad Play

Article by Aspen Clyde

“An Iliad” was a dramatic and attention grabbing production full of life and power.

According to Fred Adams (the host for the play)  The production at the Beverly Center for the Arts “has been going on for the last 57 years.” The students who attended the play described it as “dramatic and impressive acting.”  A teacher at Springville Jr. High explained the play as “Impactful, a very good representation between the conflict of a person and the reality of war.”