Article: Honors vs. Honors plus

Article by Cheyenne Skinner - SJHS Student Staff Writer

What is two subtract negative five hundred million. Okay that is way too much math but, for other people they can do it without thinking. That is why at springville we have regular, honors, and honors plus math classes that you can take. You may be thinking that this doesn’t apply to you but who know maybe someone will ask you a question about (honors) and who know you might know the answer to it.

What is the difference between honors and regular math? Well in honors they advance quicker and the students are ready to learn more. In regular math the students can be nosier ( It depends). They also spend more time making sure that they know what they are learning so it take a longer time ( this is not a bad thing though). Although it may seem like the same, the stress level is different too. Chloe Sleight, an eighth grade honor student here at SJHS, said “Yeah it can definitely be overwhelming”.

Although they are both honors, honors and honors plus, are very different. For example the eighth graders honor plus are combined with ninth grade honors. That makes it different because they are learning ninth grade honors math! Not eighth grade math! Mckenly Gross said “It’s fine it’s great”. The students advance really fast and learn a lot. In response to how students like math honors students really liked it and liked being with their friends. In math honors plus since they are so ahead they do not have to take math in some of their high school years because they have already learned it!

In the end SJHS math program is a great program that helps the students be in their level of math. Making it easier for students to learn. The school has great math teachers that help the students learn as much as they can. All the students never said any negative things about the math classes they were in. However the real question is what is the square root of five hundred seventy six. If you really want to know ask the honor students!

Article: Teachers who have been here the longest

Article by Elizabella Francom - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Here at Springville Jr we have great teachers some have been here longer than others. All of our teachers here are great and we love them all so much especially the ones who have been here for so long that ever some of the student's parents had them. In this article you will learn about the teachers who have been here the longest. Some of the teachers here have been her for almost 30 years. And some have been teaching at other schools for even longer.

Mrs. Jackson a math teacher here has been teaching for 22 years here at springville. This is the only school that she has ever taught at she is the 2nd teacher who has been here the longest. She said “ I have been teaching here ever since I was 23.” That is a really long time. Mr. Shields Who is a History teacher has been teaching here for 11 years which is also a long time but, he has been teaching 31 years in total. Which is a super long time. One of the longest times for a teacher here.

Mr. Rencher who is the college and career teacher here at springville said “ I have been teaching here at Springville Jr high for 26 years.” That is a really long time.He has only taught at Springville he has never done it any where else. Cheyenne Skinner a student at Springville said “ Mr. Rencher has taught all of my older siblings.” He has been here the longest out of everyone here which is a really long time.

All of theses teachers have been here for such a long time and we just want to thank them for teaching us so much. And the teacher who have been here the longest is Mr. Rencher and then the second longest teacher who has been here is Mrs. Jackson. We love all of our teachers so much and we hope that you can teach us more so we can be good people.

Article: Go Big Red!

Article by Stazie Killpack - SJHS Student Staff Writer

It’s football season here at SJHS, and this years freshman team has been doing pretty well.

Zach Mitchell, #19 and the quarterback for the Freshman team, says that he loves playing on the team because he gets to hang out with his friends and bond with them as a team. “I think my all time favorite game would have to be either against Lone Peak, or my first ever high school game. The Lone Peak game was especially fun because we just creamed them.” 

Bryton Miller is a cheerleader for the freshman team. She said that she really loves cheering for the boys. “I love learning new cheers during practice and getting to spend every Saturday with my friends watching my other friends play football.” Her favorite game was against Timpanogos. Not only did they beat Timp but it was Ashlynn Thomas’s birthday, another cheerleader for the freshman team. During one of the cheers they stopped and did a special cheer just for Ashlynn. “It was so cute because we made her cry,” said Bryton.

Seems like football not only is fun to watch but those who play and are involved liek it just as much. 

Article: Football

Article by Kekoa Akiona -SJHS Student Staff Writer

Are you looking for a fun sport that you can play all through fall? A sport that gets you in shape and makes you physically strong and Mentally awake. A sport that you can make friends in. A sport that you can show what you’re made of. Then football is your answer. Football is a rough, competitive sport, that many athletes enjoy playing. This game includes a lot of  hitting and tackling. There is always a chance of getting hurt.

This year the 8th grade has 3 football teams. There is Springville White coached by Brad Mertz, Springville Red coached by Ryan Strong and Steve Lancaster, and last Springville Navy coached by Nick Welch. Every Monday through Friday the football teams have practice for an hour and a half, at the Sjhs field. This year all the teams have had about four games. Springville’s 8th grade football teams have been pretty good in the last years. Every year one of the Springville football teams wins the super bowl.

Parker Lavin, an 8th grade boy  on the Springville Navy team, plays defensive tackle.  Parker has been playing football for four years now, and really understands the game.  “It’s a really fun sport to play. It gets hard sometimes with conditioning, but it all shows at the end of the game. When everybody is tired, and you are still playing hard, that’s when it really shows.’’ Parker says. Parker one day hopes to make it into the NFL and play on defense for any team.

Nick Jackson, an 8th grader that plays for the Springville red, really enjoys the game. Nick plays as the center, he likes this position because it’s fun, and he is the only one that can play that spot. Nick chose to play football because it’s fun to play and hit people. “I think Football is fun because you get to hit people and knock them over, and i also like it because you are able to make friends and we are conditioned and we can get in shape.” Nick’s ultimate goal in football is to make it to make it to college, and from there work up to the NFL, he’d play for any team… as long as they were good.

Football is a fun sport that you can play, but it is very dangerous as well. Would you play football? Is it worth the sacrifice?

Article: Time to Watch Some Football!

Article by Ashlee Bayles - SJHS Student Staff Writer

 What makes you most excited for fall?  For many Americans it is the time of year to sit back, relax, and watch the NFL.  The league that everyone has come to love was created on August 20, 1920.  The first game of this season was on September 10 with the Panthers and the 49ers.   Though many people have said different teams are their least favorite, the students mostly agree that Broncos is their least favorite team.


For most people they enjoy watching their beloved football teams play.  Payton Evans, an eighth grader at Springville Junior High, says, “Seattle Seahawks is the best team, because I was drawn to them and then fell in love with them.”  Ella Kurban proudly stated that her favorite team is the New England Patriots, because she is originally from New England.  Ella is an eighth grader at Springville Junior.  Green Bay is Jack Taylor’s favorite team “because my family is originally from Wisconsin.”  Jack goes to Springville Junior High and is in the eighth grader. Cooper Johnson is a ninth grader at the Junior High, but his favorite team is the Houston Texans, because they were made an official team the year he was born.  Jenny Walentine another ninth grader stated, “The Seattle Seahawks is my favorite team because they are a good team and I spent time in Seattle.”  

When asked “Who is your favorite player, and why,”  Ella responded, “Tom Brady, because I have been obsessed since I was five.”  Cooper Johnson’s favorite player is J.J. Watt  “because he is really good.”  Jack said that he liked Eddie Lacey because he is good and he likes him.  “Russell Wilson is the best since he has a good arm, he is an amazing Quarterback, and he is just awesome,” declared Payton.

Payton, Ella, Cooper, and Jenny all agreed that their least  favorite team it most definitely Broncos.  They all had the idea that they are a bandwagon team, except for Payton who said she believes that “they have been going down hill without Payton Manning.” Jack Taylor said that the Seattle Seahawks are his least favorite team, because he believes people like them because they are bandwagons.  Richmond Durfey, an eighth grader, said that his least favorite team is the Patriots because of Tom Brady their Quarterback.  Kelly Paxton, a teacher at the school, agrees with Richmond, but for a different reason.  She firmly professed, “they do not play fair”, referring to the Patriots.   

While fall has many different and alluring activities, many will admit that the National Football League is part of their fall entertainment.  Families may have sports of their own to watch, but they can find respite in the fact that they can stay at home and watch the professional athletes play their games. Does you fall activities include football, or do you need to make time to get what the big idea is?

Article: Disneyland rides are CLOSED?!

Article by Taylor Benson - SJHS Student Staff Writer

When someone says, “It’s the happiest place on earth!!” You can’t help but think of Disneyland. Whether you fly, drive, ride the train, ride your bike or even walk to Disneyland it is still magical. Disneyland puts the rides together amazing. All of them have tons of decorations, and the theme is always so fun. But, when Halloween comes along they change a couple of the rides.Causing some of the rides to close, they change it to Halloween themed rides along with their regular theme. It is still as magical as you’ve dreamed it to be.


About two weeks ago, some of the rides were closed. Such as, Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. They were only shut down for a short amount of time while they are setting up those rides for a Halloween twist! Oliva Ottley and Maliyah Maye, students at SJHS both agreed Splash Mountain is their favorite ride. Maliyah said the ride would be cool with a holiday themed background along with the regular theme. Workers give the rides a holiday makeover in fall. For example, Space Mountain turns into “Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy” at this time of the year. All the ghosts and aliens make for a scary, but fun ride!


Halloween is Disneyland’s fan favorite holiday. They take it very seriously so their Disney customers will have a not only fun, but magical experience. If you decide to go to the happiest place on earth, make sure to not go when some of the rides are closed. Afterall, it would be better if you got the full experience. Also, the Halloween themed rides are incredible. Plan your Disney trip around Halloween for a fun, and spooky experience!

Article: Learn to Love Loud

Article by Raquel Marquez - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Back in August, a festival at the UCCU Center in Orem went on. This festival was only held in Utah and featured musicians and guest speakers talking about the struggles LGBTQ+ youth have. The main hosts of the festival was Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds and Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn, who both addressed how suicide is more likely to occur within the LGBTQ+ community, especially if they don’t have anyone who supports them, but here’s the twist, politics were left out and no fingers were being pointed at anyone!(GASP) Guess what, we can address issues peacefully without getting political too.

First thing’s first. The message they spread to Utah, was to learn how to love, how to let someone who may be depressed/suicidal know that you are there to support them, and how to accept someone for who they are despite their sexual preference. Now, what does “acceptance” mean to some of our very own students? For Jaxen Pugh acceptance means “everything is accepted or someone accepts you.” Kaia Lowe feels that acceptance is “being okay with someone even if you don’t agree with them”. To Addison Arevalo, acceptance is leaving nobody behind or out and not pointing out their differences. When it comes to this, Iayla Searle defines it as nobody should really care if you’re gay or straight because “we’re all human”. It’s about time somebody said that. But to be honest, the most heartwarming student’s definition of “acceptance” belongs to Ricky Balderama.

“I think they’ll feel safer if we learn to accept”,he stated. He’s absolutely right. The more accepting you are of someone despite their sexuality or gender identity, the safer they feel in this world.

Second thing, every year, SJHS has an assembly talking about preventing teen suicide. It’s nice to know that they address racism as a form of bullying, but you never hear word about sexism, or homophobia, like gender stereotypes, contributing to teen suicide. Those same students from before all feel that this topic should be addressed. Iayla thinks that addressing this will make us a more welcoming school. “More knowledge means more acceptance”(Iayla Searle). Kaia is all for this being addressed times 3. Addison knows that a lot of teens struggle with their sexuality, it’s getting better, but even with our changing world, it’s a serious topic.

Last but not least, what exactly does it mean to Love Loud? Well, to Jaxen, it means you “love whoever you want and you feel whatever you want to feel.” “World acceptance”, said Jennifer Enriquez. Gold star to her. For Kaia, Loving Loud means “to be okay with who you are and to accept other people”. Addison says “not to make someone feel bad. Just let them know you’re there for them.” She’s right, just be there to support your friends or family for who they are. To sum things up, it doesn’t matter what your sexuality is, what you identify as, or if you’re a person of color, you should always be there to support someone you care about, and just don’t be a jerk gosh diddly darn! Your personality is all that matters, nothing else. If it’s one thing we all have in common, it’s the fact that we all bleed the same color. Overall, to you, what does it mean to LoveLoud?

What music means to Springville Junior High.

Article by Payton Evans - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Music is life changing. Music is just something that can change but stay the same. We all listen to music. But some of us have certain reasons on why we listen to the genres we do. We just find a connection. Bella Farr explained “ The reason why I listen to alternative pop is because when my great grandpa was alive he used to make that music and I loved it.” Music gives everything some type of hype you could say.

We all listen to different types of music. Eliza Whiting, a 9th grader, was asked what type of music she likes to listen to. “ Mostly musicals and sad songs.” Not a lot of people enjoy musicals. Janelle Mammen ,another 9th grader, would gladly agree with Eliza. They say that they love to listen to Musicals when they are ever together because they just share a special connection. Julia Witesman is someone who also adores musicals. They all love to listen to musicals such as Waitress, Dear Evan Hansen, and Les Miserable. They say that they find certain joy in listening to them.

                          Zach Jackson, an 8th grader at SJHS, gives everyone an insight on the 8th grade music genres.“I listen to mostly modern and pop music. I listen to it because I can really relate to it and I just like how they are different and fun to listen to.” Certain artists can make you relate to things you never really thought you could. Before School starts Jackson listens to the radio on the way to school.

Emma Cox, a funny crazy 8th grader, tells about her favorite music app being itunes. She just loves how she can play her favorite song on repeat. Whiting listens to youtube/spotify/pandora for her amazing music taste. Jackson prefers Z100 and apple music to get him through the year.

Favorite songs are a certain song that makes us undeniably happy. Mammen likes the song “ Would you be so kind” - Dottie.  Jackson is really into “Look what you made me do”. He likes it because it is different from when people think of Taylor Swift. Farr likes to listen to “Death Of A Bachelor”- Panic! At The Disco.  Madison Black says “ My favorite song has to be Timelapse by Zach Herron because he has a great voice and the rhythm is just awesome and he is Zach Herron so I mean it’s gonna be good.”

We also care about certain bands that we can easily relate to. Like Cox enjoys Why Don’t We, Def Leppard,  Pink Floyd and ACDC. When she was asked why she explained “ They have the best music and songs. They are just the best.”  Black smiled as she began to speak. “ I listen to Why Don’t We. Because they just make me feel amazing and their songs just make me happy.” We can do whatever we want with music. We can change the world with just one song. So how are you going to change the world with your music? What does music actually mean to you? Think about how you feel when you listen to music.

Article: Lunch Sports

Article by Oakley Toelupe - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Lunch is kinda short when you eat fast, if you know what I mean. And if you know Springville Jr. High’s students, you know that the majority can’t just sit around for ten minutes. They get bored too easily. Solution? Lunch sports. Activities to get them up and moving so they can work off all those calories they just gained. It’s not a good reason, but it’s one of them.

Mr. Rockwood, Springville Junior High’s Dean of Students, says that he was a lunchtime monitor for the kids who went outside. He was constantly being asked, “Do you have basketballs?” Do you have any soccer balls?” Kids just wanted to play sports and that’s when he decided to talk with Mr. McGuire, our principal, on sports during lunch. Mr. McGuire says he was already coming up with the idea of putting basketball hoops up and painting the courts. Their plan was almost finished. They painted the courts and put up the hoops. They just needed basketballs and soccer balls. That’s not all, though. They have different sports like four square too. 

A few of the kids that go outside say that it’s fun and we can get all our energy out before our next period. Kekoa, an 8th grader, says that he enjoys it because he gets to play football and hang out with his friends. He says it’s like an extra PE and helps the kids get their energy out before 5th or 6th period starts, depending on your classes. It’s a good activity for the kids overall, but will it eventually backfire? Kekoa says, “All the trash at the end of lunch sports might take it down.” He’s not wrong either. There was a whole bunch of trash towards the end of lunch sports. Keoni Spencer, another 8th grader at SJHS, says that a possibility that could have lunch sports taken back is how people might get all the balls stuck on the roof. He says they always play games that involve throwing or kicking balls and they could eventually get stuck on the roof. He also says some kids intentionally throw or kick the balls on top of the roof, which could end up being a financial issue. It could damage things on the roof, or the security cameras on the wall. It was already expensive enough to pay for all the balls, the extra equipment that breaks is a pretty pricey cost.

Even though lunch sports sounds like a great idea, everything has its downsides. After all, nothing is perfect. So, is this new activity, lunch sports, a good idea?

Article: Banners! GREAT or GROAN!

Article by Mathew King - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Oh look! Up there are some people on banners in the hall! They have 9th graders on them and have been up for only 2 years. There are 20 banners up in the curvy hall down the Page page hall. Mrs. Bass was part of a team of teachers that narrowed down the results of the nominations that all the teachers made. She said, “I chose students who are successful learners, effective communicators, and responsible citizens.  Students who emulate these characteristics are good students; hard-working, kind, helpful. They also work well with others and participate in class discussions.” Most teachers including Mrs. Bass voted based on the Desired Results for Student Learning that the school has developed.

At the end of your eighth grade year, 20 students get called into a meeting room in the front office. They meet the conference room in a group of about 4 other students. Mr. Rowley, the vice principal last year was the person that told the students that they were chosen to be on a banner. He hands you a paper and explains what the banners are. The students need to get the paper signed if they want to be on a banner. Some of the students who were nominated chose to not be on a banner. Mr. Rowley told the chosen teens that at the end of their ninth grade year they would be able to take the banners home. They were asked to keep it mostly a secret so it would be more of a surprize.

Bethany Blakey, one of the few students that were given the privilege to be on one of the banners wasn’t too happy with the way it turned out. She said “I was kind of surprised,” Bethany thought that it was cool that she was chosen but was kind of embarrassed about seeing her face when she walked down the halls. Each one of the students that got on the banners was assigned a caption that represented good attributes. Bethany got assigned Creative and she would have rather chosen an attribute for herself instead of getting it chosen for her. She also didn’t like her banner because there was bad lighting and as she said, “school pictures really never turn out.”

Cathay Poulsen was another of the ninth graders that was able to get on one of the banners. Cathay did not like her banner, mostly because she is holding one prop while most everyone else is holding at least two things. Also, Cathay said that she feels like her picture isn't very flattering. On the better side of things Cathay said, “It’s pretty nice,” she said that because you had to do something good and recognizable to be able to get on them.

Eighth grader Elizabella Francom said, “it’s a cool idea,” that the banners are there in the first place. Her brother, McKay was one of the few kids that got on a banner. She would like to follow his example and get on one.

Even though some of the Banner Kids weren’t satisfied with the results of their pictures they are still great examples of star students. When you see the banners in the halls just take a moment to recognize the good things that those select few students achieved.