A Day, B Day, All Day

Article by Micah Schmitz - SJHS Student Staff Writer

For those SJHS students going to the high school next year, you may be getting some practice in their class schedule. Starting in may SJHS will be going into an A day B day schedule for the end of year sage testing. This will make classes go to lengths about an hour and a half. They do this so students will have more time to do sage testing without being interrupted. Charles Brenchley a SJHS student said “I don't think we need it.” While Oliver Smith, another SJHS student said “I personally like that we are going to have a schedule that will let sage testing be easier. It extends all of your classes, including electives, so that's cool too.” But no matter what your opinion, with only 26 days of school left, a bit of a different schedule should be the least of your worries.

Anya Keil

Article by Rainy Hickman - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Anya Keil, a 9th grader here at SJHS, is probably one of the most interesting girls I’ve met. Continue reading if you want to know more about her.

Who does she admire? She admires Robin Williams, because he’s really funny. “I regret not saying how much I care,” she said when asked what she regrets the most. And who does she envy? She envies Mr. Jensen, just like everyone else. “I achieved 15 seconds on my 100 meters,” she said proudly, when asked what she has achieved. Her biggest fear? She’s scared of being alone, because without the socializing she does, she’d go insane. Who inspires her? Her friends inspire her. What would be hard for her to give up on? To give up on her progression in track, and her friends. It would be harder for her to tell someone she doesn’t love them back. “That’d be hard.” Trust or love? She would chose trust. “My life is good right now, it could be better, but I’m not complaining,” she said when asked if she was happy with her life. “I miss my grandma, she practically raised me,” she said when asked what she misses the most from her childhood. “I wish to always have confidence,” she answered when asked what she would wish for.

Her full name is Anya Silafga Keil Lewis. Her favorite five foods are pasta, avocados, meat loaf, sausage and tomatoes. She likes spicy food, and her favorite animal is a dog.

Is she a nice person? “I think I’m nice to most, except for really good friends. I’ll jokingly make fun of you.” Does she love making friends? “Of course, I do.” So there you go, anything you need to know about her to start a conversation.

Spotlight on Mr. Krebs

Article by Saydie Vanleuven - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Mr. Krebs is currently a seventh and eighth grade math teacher at Springville Junior High School. He is retiring, but he has been teaching for 33 years at Springville Junior High school, he decided to become a teacher because he likes to help students and to him when a student learns something new it is very satisfying.

His favorite thing about SJHS is definitely the students. His favorite sport is basketball and his favorite color is green. Also his favorite thing to do in his free time is to go camping with his family. Five things no one knows about Mr. Krebs is that he has five brothers and two sisters, he graduated from Southern Utah State, he spent two years in Ireland, he’s been to about forty-five of the states, and lastly his favorite subject in school was not math.

Some of Mr. Krebs’ students, Kensey Simons, Aspen Mcarty, and Mona Olson said that they all like Mr. Krebs. Kensey, an eighth grader, said that she likes Mr. Krebs because he is very helpful and he’s a good teacher.  Aspen, another eighth grader, said that she likes him because he works out the problem and makes sure you understand the math that he is teaching. Mona Olson, an eighth grader, explained that she likes him because he is a really good teacher.

Kensey’s favorite thing about Mr. Krebs is that he’s so chill and nice. Aspen’s favorite thing about him is he is good at teaching and he is very nice. Mona’s favorite thing about him is how chill he is. Although these girls have him this year they haven’t had him any other year. All these girls thought that his favorite sport was golf and although he does like golf he likes basketball more.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone at SJHS will greatly miss Mr. Krebs.

Behind the scenes of Journalism

Article by Stazie Killpack - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Journalism is a classed offered to all 8th and 9th grade students at SJHS. Students pick a topic at the beginning of each week and brainstorm ideas and questions for their interviews. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are used for interviewing students and teachers on the student's topic. Thursdays students type up their rough drafts and sometimes start their peer reviews. Fridays they finish up the peer reviews and turn in their articles.

“Journalism gives me a chance to get to know the students around our school, and get opinions from different points of views. Also I love to write and journalism gives me a chance to write every week.” Says Jenny Walentine

“It’s a lot of fun interviewing people, and the atmosphere of the class is very enjoyable.” Chandler Kiser states.

Ms. Pina tries very hard to keep the class fun and enjoyable for all the students. “Journalism is designed how actual Journalists would work, they set their own pacing. These students are also honor level students so it’s important for them to learn how to write a paper without a ton of guidance.”

Sounds fun? Take Journalism next year! 


High School Simulator 2017

Article and Comic by Trey Widtfeldt - SJHS Student Staff Writer

The idea for a A day B day schedule was just announced in a recent assembly, similar to that of the High school schedule. The whole summary of it is one day you have a certain type of class, Math, Science, English, etc. while the other day will have Art, PE, and so on. Typically in High school this would be happening if you had about 14 classes like how most high schoolers do. But as we only have the standard 7 classes while still fitting Quest Time and Lunch in there, makes our classes an hour and a half long. Alike to how you would have English in the seventh grade. To most, this could come off as a bother and a trouble to your schedule. Ryan Witney says otherwise.

“I honestly think it won't really interfere with my school schedule.” Ryan said. “I have a lot of elective classes that I find fun, and sure, mandatory classes will be boring, but when it's time for the electives, they can be pretty fun, and i’ll have time to fix grades.” Ryan found a greater side of the AB schedule, saying that it would be remedial when it came for his electives, and work when it came to the Mandatory classes. It is different with every student, if you have a lot of elective classes you enjoy or nice teachers, then you will have a good end of the year. If you have a lot of Mandatory classes or classes you don’t find too enjoyable, then you might not, but Summer is coming around the corner in about 20 days, so you can anticipate that being a fun event!

No Tardy Party.

Article by Chandler Kiser - SJHS Student Staff Writer

On Wednesday the 26, students who did not have any tardies during term 3 got to go to the Stadium theatres in Payson. They could see Smurfs the Lost Village, or Boss Baby. Jane Wilson, an 8th grader at SJHS, said that she went to the No Tardy Party because you get to miss school, and she is seeing Boss Baby “Because boss baby is better that Smurfs.”

Jackson Kiser said that he went to the No Tardy Party because he didn't go last time and he wanted a break from school. 

Amanda Gardner and Kelsey sumsion both said that they were going to see Boss Baby and they also mentioned that they didn't want to see Smurfs because it didn't look as good. Also they said that they went because they wanted to miss school and because their friends were going.

Hopefully all the students that went had good time.

SJHS loses MVP Ms. Hamilton

Article by Lizzie Kurban - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Unfortunately SJHS has to say goodbye to one of our very beloved teachers, Ms. Hamilton. Springville Jr. very much appreciates her and everything she’s done for our school and we’re going to miss her very much.

Ms. Hamilton has had a great experience teaching at our school, she’s had very many fun, funny memories with students and faculty. “It’s been awesome, I’ve loved it.” she said.

She´s also learned some things from the people she’s met while she’s been here. “ I’ve learned from the students to not take life so seriously sometimes, you have to laugh and be happy.” She’s also loved getting to know the other teachers here. She´s made a lot of great memories with them she´s grateful to have made so many good friendships.

One last piece of advice that she wants to share with the students is, ¨remember to have fun, but still work hard. Don´t be afraid to nerd out and have fun about learning. And just be there for eachother and take care of eachother.¨

Plans for the future? Next year she´s going to be working as a district specialist, so she'll come to the counseling office at our school as well as other schools from time to time, so be sure to say hi if you see her.

But someday she hopes to be working with rescue animals. She´s always had a love of animals and she hopes that someday she can work with them or at volunteer at a shelter or something like that.

Thank you, Ms. Hamilton for the work you've done for our school. We're going to miss you very much, good luck with your new job. Keep being awesome. :)


Local Student Does Something Shocking

Article by Micah Schmitz - SJHS Student Staff Writer

In breaking news, a local student has sneezed. This was met with shocked reports from other students, as they had never heard anything so disastrous. While authorities do not wish for the identity of the student to be known, we can confirm that the sneeze happened sometime between three o'clock, and four o'clock  on Wednesday the 26th. As most sneezes move at one hundred miles per hour, which is almost two times as fast as a hurricane, it's understandable that some students are shocked. One eighth grade student, Carson Lyman said “'I’ve heard of people sneezing before, but I never thought it would happen at our school.” and many agree, while another student, Oliver Smith a ninth grade student said “ A sneeze is beauty in it's purest form. This [sneeze] is perhaps my favorite thing in general of all time.” Whatever the results of this sneeze, we as a school, and as a nation, will have to come together.

Color Fest 2017

Article by Saydie Vanleuven and Morgan Roper - SJHS Student Staff Writer

If you drove down south March 25 or 26, you may of hit crazy traffic, and didn't know what was causing all the commotion. Well all the traffic was because of an event that happens once a year, the color festival. Many students at Springville Junior High went to the color festival with friends and family. The color festival occurs at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple, in Spanish Fork Utah.

Many people know this celebration as the color festival even though it’s real name is The Holli Festival or Celebration.

Jace Farr, a ninth grader at SJhs, said she went to the colorfest and she has gone before, she said that she likes going because it gives her a chance to hangout with friends and throw chalk at each other she also said that her favorite part of going is the part where every hour everyone gets together and throws chalk into the air at the same time. Another ninth grade student of sjhs named Jada Hysolli went too, she stated that she has gone before and that she likes going because it’s fun and she likes all the different colors. She also said her favorite part was when everyone got together to throw chalk in the air. Anthony Gutierrez, an eighth grader, said he went this year and he’s gone in previous years. He said he likes to go because he likes to get colorful and his favorite part was hanging out with friends. Penelope Carter, another eighth grader, said she went and has gone years before this one and she likes to go because it’s at a temple and there is a lot of religion involved and there is a lot of good vibes. Taylor Benson, a seventh grader, said she went and has gone before and she likes to go because she likes to throw chalk at people

Even though all these people went ot the color fest no one really knows the real purpose of it and why they have it. The real purpose of why we have the color fest is a religious celebration that’s why they have it at the  Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple, in Spanish Fork Utah. 

Mrs. Riggs

Article by Morgan Roper - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Mrs. Riggs is an english and creative writing teacher at Springville Junior High. She is loved by many students and teachers.

Mrs. Riggs didn't want to always be a teacher, her childhood dream job was to be a writer or a fly girl, a.k.a. A dancer.  She became a teacher in 2012, but started at Springville Junior three years ago. She became a teacher because she loves literature. But besides teaching, Mrs. Riggs, is some what flexible. She can kick her foot up and touch the back of her head!! Mrs. Riggs has won only a single free throwing contest in elementary school.

Students at Springville Junior High love Mrs. Riggs, but not many people know her favorite sport. Not even the teachers. Damen Bernardi thinks her favorite sport is volleyball, while Tessa Popham believes that it is basketball. Whitney Sheppard thinks that her favorite sport is basketball, and Adi Whiting thinks that it is ice skating. Mr. Jensen, a science teacher at Springville Junior, thinks that roller derby would be her favorite sport, “I could totally see her as a roller derby chick.” He even came up with a few nicknames for her, “Riggs the System” or “Pixie Fire Dragon!” But sadly nobody got her favorite sport right. Mrs. Riggs said that her favorite sport is either video gaming or softball/baseball. Yeah!

Mrs. Riggs likes drawing, camping, hiking, and water skiing. She doesn't have any free time to do so between school and her 2 children! Her knees pop every time she bends down and dirty blonde is her actually hair color!!