Article written by Zachary McNeil

Woodworking is a class to let you express your imagination and creativity through hard work and fun. Lydia Brooks thinks that woodshop is fun because of “Creating projects, and being with friends”. Hyrum Cardona also thinks the wood shop is fun and says  “Is not as boring, plus you can make stuff”. Woodshop is not for all students because it is hands-on when some students might be more into the paperwork.

Woodshop can also be very dangerous considering it involves cutting with saw blades. But once all safety tests are passed you are allowed to work on your project. Mr. Rencher is the wood shop teacher and foreman. Mr. Rencher teaches students how to create two projects. The first project being a wooden tension saw handle, and the second project a detailed chest. Woodworking is for 9th grade and all through high school.