Springville Junior High School’s exciting day for seventh graders!

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On Friday, August 19th, Springville Junior High School opened its doors to the new seventh graders to make them feel safe and comfortable.  Coming into a new school can be hard, and that is why Mr. Ken Van Ausdal, the principal of SJHS, came up with the brilliant idea of the seventh-grade day.  The purpose of the day was to make the seventh graders feel welcome at the junior high.  “Little things like finding your lockers, getting to the lunchroom, those are the things that cause kids stress,” Mr. Van Ausdal said.  He hoped the seventh-grade day would help with the stress.

Clarissa Scott, SJHS Staff Writer

Spotlight on Ms. Beddes

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It’s a new school year, and Springville Junior High School has opened its doors to a few new teachers. One of those new teachers is Ms. Kiera Beddes.  She is teaching five periods of eighth-grade English and one period of seventh-grade Utah Studies. According to Ms. Beddes, she wanted to teach Utah Studies and English because she felt that English and History both help to tell the story better. Ms. Beddes said, “With History, it is the story of what happened, and what people believed, and felt. English is how you tell the story, the images that people used to tell of what happened by the words they left behind.”

Cassidy Bowers, SJHS Staff Writer

Spotlight on Mrs. Cole

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Mrs. Lana Cole is a new teacher this year at Springville Junior High. She teaches Utah History and US History to the seventh and eighth graders in a portable classroom outside.

Mrs. Cole went to college at BYU. She decided she would start teaching because she thinks “people and history are so interesting.”  She has lots of fun teaching at Springville Junior High. “It’s a cozy town,” Mrs. Cole said.

Claire Davis, SJHS Staff Writer

SJHS students come in first at state math competition

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Twenty nine Springville Junior High students went to the state math competition, and the seventh and ninth graders came in first place. On Thursday, March 16th, the students went to Utah Valley University to take a 40 question test in two and a half hours. SJHS students went with Mr. Anderson, a math teacher here at SJHS. 

This test was to assess what the schools have taught, the students, and their math skills. “The test was cool and hard, but I took it more for fun,” said Brent Blackwell, an eighth grader here at SJHS. 

All of the schools in Utah went to this math competition. Many of them ranked pretty high. The seventh and ninth graders from SJHS were ranked in the 3A division. 

Kira Craig, Staff Writer

Awards Assembly on Tuesday

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Awards, awards! On May 24, from first through third period, SJHS is holding an Awards Assembly in the auditorium to celebrate and acknowledge students' accomplishments from the past school year.
The students are expected to dress formally for the assembly. Most students do dress up, but it is not required. The reason for students having to dress up according to Mrs. Linton, counselor at SJHS, is out of respect for the accomplishments of the students. 

Numerous awards will be given out at the Awards Assembly.  Some example of awards being: academic, high achievement, departmental, best improvement, carrying a 4.0 all year, high honor roll, honor roll, and perfect attendance.

Joee Lowe, SJHS Staff Writer

Quest Time Wrap-Up

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One of the many great successes of this school year is Quest Time!  Quest Time is going to be here next year because of how well it went this year.  Mrs. Johnson, vice principal, said, “ It was very effective.  The grades changed dramatically, the A’s and B’s went up, and the D’s and F’s went down.”  It helped kids try and get their grades up so they could party in enrichment.  It also helped the students be aware of their grades every single day except Wednesday.  

Kylee Jensen, SJHS Staff Writer

Journalism from a New Perspective

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There is a class in SJHS, during sixth period, which is different than any other class. For one thing, some of the students aren’t in class, but they are in other classes talking to their peers. This class is a writing class, but it’s not a typical writing class. In this class the students get to write about whatever they want! This class is journalism.

Camilla Dunn, SJHS Staff Writer

Mold your passion with sculpting

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Cutting, carving, molding, and shaping all have to something do with one new class SJHS is offering next year. Mr. Cudney, the art teacher at SJHS, will be teaching sculpting class for all students that have a creative side and love to do things with their hands or just want to have fun. 

Camilla Dunn, student at SJHS, said, “I think it’s a good opportunity for people who want more with art.” Some of the projects include sculpting monsters, making sculptures out of junk, and looking and learning about famous sculptures.  Mr. Cudney wanted to teach a sculpting class because in past years they have done a unit of sculpting and he (and the students) really enjoyed it.

Whitley Hicken, SJHS Staff Writer

Thank you Ms. Parker!

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Teachers.  Everyday we go to class and learn more than we knew the day before, but do we ever stop and thank them for what they have done for us?  Ms. Parker, aerobics and jogging teacher at SJHS, will be leaving the school this year, and we would like to thank her for all that she has done for her students and for the school.  

Ms. Parker first started as a teacher six years ago and has been a favorite teacher ever since.  Tyler Werner, seventh-grade student at SJHS, said, “I love how she’s more than your average day teacher, she joins the workout with you, and she makes class really fun. She’s the bomb!”  

Tiare Spencer, SJHS Staff Writer

Good luck Mr. Nelson!

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Mr. Cole Nelson is a eighth grade history teacher at Springville Junior High School. He used to live in Elba, Idaho and will return there at the end of this year. “I am moving back to Idaho in order to teach and run the family farm,” he said, “My future plans are to move to Idaho at the end of the month and stay there for the rest of my life.” 

While at SJHS, Mr. Nelson was not just a history teacher, he was also the girls’ basketball coach along with Mr. Strong. But that is not all Mr. Nelson did this year at SJHS. He actually was one of the sprinter coaches of the track team this spring. “I've always wanted to teach U.S. History and coach basketball along with track and field.” He has done exactly that.

Anna Bunnell, SJHS Staff Writer