Seventh Graders Getting a Taste of a Real Job

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Seventh graders at Springville Junior High took a dive into the work field on February 4th, which was Job Shadow Day. Job Shadow Day is a day where kids can pick an inspiring adult they know and go to work with and to learn about that adult's career. The purpose of Job Shadow Day is to help the seventh graders decide on their future careers. Mrs. Hales, a seventh-grade CTE teacher, explained why she liked Job Shadow Day, “It gives the students an experience in the work field that they normally wouldn’t get.”

Mckenzie Reidhead, SJHS Staff Writer

The New Kids: Student Council

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The new kids on the block are Gregg Davis (president), Samantha Child (vice president), Marissa Carpenter (vice president), Haleigh Payne  (vice president).  Are all ninth-grade students at SJHS on the student  council.

At the beginning of the new semester, the new student council took over the responsibilities that the former student council was in charge of. The former student council is still helping  the new student council with dances and other major events that require more help than just four people; but the new student council are the ones most involved in the activities they are participating in.

Joee Lowe, SJHS Staff Writer

New Semester, New Classes, New Journalism Staff!

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Photo caption: The winter semester journalism class:  Front row, left to right:  Anna Bunnell, Joee Lowe, Sarah Clark, Hollie Coulon, and Whitley Hicken.  Middle row, left to right: Stacy Stapel, Ali Earnshaw, and Kira Craig.  Back row, left to right: Renae Lovelace, Annee Lange, Kylee Jensen, Mckenzie Reidhead, Tiare Spencer, Klade Smith, and Camilla Dunn.  Not pictured: Ashlan Kendall.


Stacy Stapel,SJHS Staff Writer

Down, Set, Elect!

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On February 4, 2011 in Mr. Shields’s eighth-grade U.S. History class, students had the chance to experience the voting process that is used when electing U.S. presidents. But for this activity, they used the Super Bowl teams instead of presidential candidates. Here’s how it worked:  Each student drew a state out of a box with the number of electoral votes that state gets. Then they cast their vote on a ballet and passed it up their row. As Mr. Shields read the results, a student selected that state on the projected map and changed it to blue or red, depending on what team the students in class voted for.

Annee Lange, SJHS Staff Writer

Introducing Honors Orchestra

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t the beginning of January, Honors Orchestra performed a spectacular show.  Honors Orchestra is where a group of more advanced students from the junior high schools in the Nebo School District come together and perform a concert.  They played all types of music; this last time they played classical songs, a lullaby, a fiddle song, and even a rock song. 

Honors Orchestra isn’t only for the best musicians; this time it was who wanted to.  “The music in Honors Orchestra was a little bit harder then normal orchestra, but it was hard because you had to learn the music at home.  And we only had two practices with the whole orchestra, and then a performance,” said Michelle Welch, ninth grader.  

Kylee Jensen, SJHS Staff Writer

SJHS Band Rocks at the Festival

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Trumpets? Flutes? Drums? OH MY! Students at Springville Junior High School that are involved in eight or ninth-grade band have the opportunity to participate in a band festival, held at UVU. And, for the ninth-graders, another festival will be at Salem Hills High School. The festival at Salem Hills High School will be held April 28th from 9:00am to 1:30pm. The UVU festival will be held at the beginning of May.

The band students in eight and ninth grade are humming the songs they are learning in the hall and are tapping various rhythms on desks with pencils and pens. Their enthusiasm is shared by Mr. Booth, the band teacher at Springville Junior High School.

Camilla Dunn, SJHS Staff Writer

Attorneys, Bailiffs, and Judges Oh My!

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After school near Mrs. Rice’s room there is some noise, some arguing, then the arguing becomes very, very loud. This arguing is Mock Trial. Mock Trial is a student court process, where students have the privilege to compete against other schools. Mrs. Rice, an English teacher at SJHS, said, “In order to participate, students need a little bit of stage presence. They also need to be able to think quickly and carefully in response to what goes on in the trial. Finally, they need to be able to take criticism from their peers and adults to improve their performance.” Mrs. Rice is in charge of SJHS’s mock trial team.

Sarah Clark,SJHS Staff Writer

Dancing the night away at SJHS

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On Thursday, February tenth students gathered to celebrate Valentine’s Day by holding a best dress dance. The dance started at 7pm and ended at 9pm, and it was held in the boys' gym.

One of the newest things about the Valentines Dance was that students could use a photo both to take pictures with friends and keep them.  “The photo both was way cool because it was just like the ones at malls,” said Bailey Davis, eighth grader at SJHS.

Students were given the opportunity to buy Val-e-grams at the dance. Val-e-grams are Valentines. Val-e-grams included flowers or candy.

Anna Bunnell, SJHS Staff Writer

All Hail the Custodians

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If there is one phrase that can change someone’s day, it is thank you. There are people every day that help us and make sure that we are ok. Moms, dads, teachers, friends, they all help and are thanked every day, but have we ever given much thanks to our custodians?

Klade Smith, SJHS Staff Writer

Quest time for the Knights

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Springville Junior High has Quest Time right after third period everyday other than Wednesday. If students don’t have any deficient grades they can go to enrichment. If students have deficient grades they go to intervention to fix the problem. 

Mrs. Maughan, a math teacher here at Springville Junior High, teaches math intervention Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in her class room( #61). “I think Quest Time is a very positive thing for our school,” said Mrs. Maughan, “It gives students the chance to get caught up in classes, or go to a reward activity. Students benefit by getting a reward (enrichment) so they feel appreciated and students with deficient grades may work with teachers to get assignments done.”

Ashlan Kendall, SJHS Staff Writer