Student News

Be An Ally 9.23.22

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Let's congratulate our winners this week!🎉 

⚡ AbbieJo Mitchell
Setting a great example in her class!

⚡ Daniel Wright
Helping other students with their cleanup.

⚡ Hannah Brunyer
Looking out for and helping other students.

⚡ Rocco Scott
Holding the door for other students.

⚡ Andres Garay
Spent part of his free time helping another student with a science assignment.

Be An Ally 9.16.22

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Congratulations to this week's Be an Ally winners! 💯🎉

⚡ Levi Olson
For cleaning up litter outside of the school.

⚡ Ty Lillie
For helping another student understand an assignment.

⚡ Lia Tinoco
For helping a classmate with an assignment without being asked.

⚡ Lexi Oman
Spent part of her lunchtime helping students.

⚡ Emma Chappell
For helping students during her lunchtime.

⚡ Stephanie Nolasco
For reaching out to one of our special needs students to check if he needed help.

Special Olympics

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Our special Ed classes learned about the design process, built hanging structures, and learned about the Special Olympics from a Special Olympics athlete. 💯💯

A big thanks to Tom Ralston for coming to SJHS and sharing his story! 🎉

Mrs. Rockwood