Be An Ally 10.8.21

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Be an ally students holding up their prizes
Be an ally winner Hannah
Be an ally winner Dorryen
Be an ally winner Thomas
Be an ally winner Jonathan
Be an ally winner Micah
Be an ally winner Nya

Finishing the week strong. Check out this week's Be An Ally winners!

  • Hannah Grey: Hannah is a great example of being a responsible citizen. She found and turned in a lost wallet.
  • Dorryen Christensen: Dorryen helped clean up the cafeteria when he saw others leave a mess.
  • Thomas Marrott: Thomas is an awesome artist and has been working extremely hard on his artwork.
  • Jonathan Tucker: Jonathan returned $20 that he had found. Thank you for being honest. You're a great example!
  • Micah Lozano: Micah found some AirPods and returned them safely to the owner.
  • Nya Grazzini: Nya is an amazing peer tutor. She is a great example of being loving and kind to others.