Be An Ally 11.12.21

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Be an Ally winners
Miah be an ally winner
Jaywel be an ally winner
Aiden be an ally winner
Samu be an ally winner
Grayson be an ally winner

Let's congratulate our winners for last week!!! 

Miah Padilla - Miah is a new student in our school and I was so impressed with her when she stuck up for another student in front of the whole class. That was not an easy thing to do. Thanks for being a true ally.

Jaywel Butil - Jaywel works with and advocates for students in class who need extra assistance or who are learning English. Jaywel is a compassionate influence.

Aiden Koford - Aiden volunteered to purchase another planner for a classmate that had last theirs. He wants others to be successful in class.

Samu Kaisa - Samu is thoughtful of other students in class. Samu always helps without being asked.

Grayson Farley - Welcoming back a student who had been absent and letting them know they were missed.