Be An Ally 2.25.22

Submitted by brenda.granzini on Fri, 02/25/2022 - 12:23
Be an ally winners with their prizes
be an ally winner Cy
Be an ally winner Kristofer
Be an ally winner Imogen
Be an ally winner Jade
be an ally winner Blaine

Cy Chrisman - Cy was absent, but he emailed teachers about missing assignments. He had them ready to turn in when he returned to school. He didn’t miss a beat. Thanks for being on top of your schoolwork. 

Kristofer Wesley - Kristofer is so friendly. I appreciate his smile. His happiness makes me happy. 

Imogen Weight - Imogen is a great leader and she is always including everyone in her group work. You can tell she really cares for others.  

Jade Langholf - Jade volunteered to translate for a new English speaker daily and demonstrated true care and concern for the student.  

Blaine Curtis  - Blaine is the sweetest and most polite young man. Teachers enjoy talking to him each day. In every conversation, Blaine begins by giving you a compliment and ends by giving you a compliment. He always strives to make others feel good.