Be An Ally 4.15.22

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winners for be an ally
Be an ally winner teagan
be an ally winner taitlyn
be an ally henry
be an ally winner tage
be an ally winner mackya

Our winners for the week! 

Teagan Farr - Teagan is a fun kid to have in class. He brings great energy to our class each day and always has a positive attitude.

Taitlyn Verwer - Taitlyn helped two students with homework that they didn't understand. She is kind, responsible, and concerned about others. 

Henry Holmes - Henry helped a fellow student in the hall when he saw he needed help.

Tage Larsen -  Tage is kind to everyone and works hard to improve his grades. Tage is respectful and emulates being a true ally in helping others.

Mackya Pace - Mackya volunteered to walk a peer in the hallway as support when they needed a friend.