Be an Ally Recipients (3/31)

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Be an ally winners

Our Be an Ally recipients for the week before spring break include the following phenomenal students:

Morgan Nielson was nominated for being a reliable student. Morgan sets herself for success by being an organized and curious learner! Morgan is also very kind to everyone.

Collin Stewart has blossomed in his ability to speak Spanish. His personality and fun sense of humor make learning so enjoyable. Thanks for working hard and being awesome.

Canyon Furr (not pictured) always demonstrates helpfulness, kindness, and integrity through doing things like turning in found airpods. He always sets a great example!

Leuel Butil was nominated for his excellent score on the meteorology test. He obviously prepared well!

And finally, Giselle Trulock is always doing her very best on her art projects. Each one she turns in is absolutely stunning. She is also kind to others in the class and brings a positive attitude.