Be an Ally Recipients (4/14)

Submitted by april.rockwood on
Alice, Allen, Jayden, Wesley, Maggie

Alice Heppler was nominated for excellent work on her meteorology unit study guide and test. She obviously put a lot of time and effort into her studies. Thanks for being an example of a successful learner, Alice!

Allen Richards was nominated for always being so helpful! Allen always sees a need in the classroom and volunteers to help. Thanks for being such a great example to others and for being a responsible citizen, Allen!

Jayden Valdovinos was nominated for working with and helping a new student, while being very kind and patient. Thank you Jayden for being an ally!

Wesley Robinson was nominated for being kind and friendly to his classmates. Thanks for being an ally, Wesley!

Maggie Minor was nominated for always being a positive influence in the classroom. Her ability to look at the bright side of things inspires me to be a better person! Thanks for being an ally, Maggie.