Be an Ally Recipients (5/20)

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Be an Ally winners

Last week's Be an Ally recipients were:

  • Connor Whitney was nominated for being helpful and kind to a substitute teacher. Connor always practices effective communication with his classmates and teachers. Conner is a wonderful student. Thank you, Connor! 
  • Zach Broderick was nominated for helping when he sees a need. Thanks for being an ally, Zach. 
  • Mildred Monsalvo Mejia was nominated for her goodness and willingness to help a classmate with his assignment. She is a great example! Thanks for being an ally, Mildred. 
  • Mya Gagliardo was nominated for the many times she has persisted to improve her performance. Thanks for being a successful learner, Mya. 
  • Camilla Holloway was nominated for asking to help clean even though she had free time. Thank you for being a responsible citizen, Camilla. 
  • Aubrey Nunally was nominated for spending quite a bit of time helping with clean up after a class project. She’s always willing to help and serve others. Thanks for being an ally, Aubrey!

We have the best students here at Springville Jr. High! We love watching them help each other and make our school the wonderful place it is.