Be an Ally Recipients (5/5)

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be an ally recipients

We have the best students here at SJHS! Check out all of the amazing Be an Ally recipients for this week!

  • Skyler Meeks was nominated for holding the door open for other students every day.
  • Nakalia Ford was nominated for being helpful in class and always being kind to others.
  • Sivi Valeti was nominated for thinking of others and looking for ways to help and for making people smile.
  • Keira Jones was nominated for being a fabulous, trustworthy student. I can rely on Keira to do just about anything! I’ve appreciated you so much semester.
  • Elizabeth McConnell was nominated for always turning work in, being well organized, and taking care of her responsibilities. Elizabeth is a reliable and trustworthy student!
  • Saira White is great at asking questions when needed and providing incredible insight and context to classroom discussions.
  • Taylor Bailey was nominated for greatly improving this term and being a responsible learner.
  • Halle Hall was nominated for communicating her needs when she was going out of town and always asking questions when the need arises. Halle is also so friendly to teachers and peers.
  • Charity Parmenter was nominated for always being determined to work hard and produce great work. Charity has a friendly attitude and is respectful to others.
  • Taylor Cook was nominated for being a hard worker. He is going to go places in life!
  • Lea Pease is an all around FABULOUS student who produces excellent work and is very kind and funny.
  • Brevin White has consistently worked hard all year long. He has a positive attitude and doesn’t give up on himself.
  • Lincoln Harrison is always staying after the bell and assisting others in putting things away with a good attitude and just because he wants to help.
  • Autumn Cook was nominated for helping another classmate with an assignment she wasn’t understanding. Autumn took on the task willingly and with a very positive attitude.
  • Morelia Tapia Torres was nominated for working hard on getting her assignments turned in. She worked during class and after school.