Bye Mrs. Beckstrand!

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Mrs. Beckstrand

You all may know Mrs. Beckstrand as just a math teacher. But do you really know her? I don’t mean do you know her name and favorite color but do you know who she is? Like, what did she wanted to be when she grew up? Or, what would she do if she had $1 million? Well, I can give you answers to those questions! When she was little she had ALWAYS wanted to be a teacher or veterinarian. And if she had $1 million she would travel the world! Here’s what she would do if she had 3 wishes

“1. I would wish to always have 1$ more than Bill Gates.

2. That my children would be successful and happy (whatever definition of success and happiness they choose)

3. And that everyone would learn to be KIND!” 

Numer one’s pretty clever huh? The schools she went to are Orem Junior High and Lakeridge Junior High because she grew up in Orem. For college, she went to UVU, BYU Idaho, Utah State, and SUU. Her favorite book is “Count of Monte Cristo" because while the character endures extreme hardship, he learns the lessons he needs to and realizes what is important.  It tells the story of betrayal, survival, faith, and revenge.” She likes Cherry coke and pretty much any Mexican food.

She “LOVES teaching at SJHS!  I came from the elementary school and was nervous for the change, but I ended up loving the junior high and the students here.” She is definitely looking forward to summer because she loves the warm weather. She wanted me to share this quote, "Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn, and you will."-Vernon Howard

Mrs. Beckstrand is moving on to the new middle school next year and we sure will miss her! 

Article written by: Gianna Furner , student reporter