Mr. Anderson, Teacher of the Year

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Mr. Anderson receiving his award.

Congratulations to Mr. Jim Anderson—Springville Junior High’s teacher of the year!

Mr. Anderson is dedicated to his students and their learning, and one of the amazing things about Mr. Anderson is that he is just as dedicated today as he was 32 years ago when he started teaching. His dedication manifests itself in his daily teaching and interactions with his students. Students are actively engaged and productively participating every single day in Mr. Anderson’s classroom. Mr. Anderson pushes students to think deeply and grow each day. He has found ways to speak the language of mathematics so that students are able to understand. Year in and year out, students rise to the occasion and surprise themselves with what they are able to accomplish. Mr. Anderson’s sky-high expectations are coupled with an equally high level of support that makes student success almost inevitable. The youth of Springville have been blessed to learn from Mr. Anderson! 

Tiffanie Miley