Mr. Stuart

Submitted by tara.pina on Thu, 05/20/2021 - 12:58
Mr. Stuart

With the end of the school year coming also bring changes. One of those changes is that Mr. Stuart will be leaving SJHS.

Before becoming a teacher, Mr.Stuart worked retail, with the forest service, he also worked in marketing, process improvement, and in printing for years. He is also a professional graphic designer. He loved doing those things, but when he went back to college he was asked to be a teaching assistant, and he learned that he LOVED teaching. So he became a teacher!

He loves the challenge of finding more effective ways of explaining things to people, and he loves seeing people's faces light up as they start to understand. His favorite thing about being a teacher is the people-the students and the faculty. He loves helping people. 

Mr. Stuart used to write a lot during Jr. High and fun fact he wants to be a novelist still. “Science is really just telling a story about how and why things work.”

Mr. Stuart loves teaching at SJHS; he absolutely loves it. He thinks the students are wonderful! And he couldn’t imagine a better faculty to work with. Mr. Stuart said, “I’m a very sentimental person, I will honestly miss everything. The people, my desk, my classroom, the mountains behind the school the school mascot even the walls of the school.” Mr. Stuart would like to tell everyone in the school a message before leaving. “Be nice to people! Our friends and the people around us are our blessings and assets.”

I had Mr. Stuart in 7th grade as my science teacher. My experience in his class was astronomically amazing, his class is super fun and his future students are extremely lucky to have him. Mr. Stuart will be missed here at SJHS!

Article written by: Edgar Arguelles, student reporter