National School Counselor Week

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Mrs. Tarin
Mrs. Distefano
Mr. Jackson
Ms. Droz
Ms. Droz, Mr. Jackson, and Mrs. Distefano

In honor of National School Counselor Week -- We wanted to give a big shout-out to our counseling department for all that they do for our school!

There are so many different roles the counselors play—academic advisor, master scheduler, anxiety sounding board, group therapy facilitator—and we are grateful for the care they give our students. Not a week goes by that we don’t hear of a student in real distress that one of our counselors has talked with, assessed, and contacted parents about to make sure the student gets the assistance they need. We've seen our counselors handle really hard issues with grace and sensitivity while being careful to ensure student safety. And a big thank you as well to our very own registrar, Sue Tarin, who sees each student as they come to the office, calms them down, and gives them a safe place.

If you ever need to speak with one of our amazing counselors, here's the part of the alphabet they handle:

Mrs. Distefano: last names A-G
Mr. Jackson: last names H-O
Ms. Droz: last names P-Z

If you see them around this week, remind them how grateful we are for them!!