Term 1 Super Knights

Submitted by april.rockwood on Thu, 11/02/2023 - 11:27
Term 1 Super Knights: Hayden, Coleman, Lucy, and Samantha

Today we recognized our Term 1 Super Knights at an assembly. Read what a few of their teachers have to say about these amazing students.

8th Grade Super Knights

Samantha Mendonca:  

"There are few people I have met that are as kind and compassionate as Samantha. She tries really hard to do her absolute best in both her academics and her friendships."

"Samantha is a ray of sunshine in our school! It is obvious how much she wants to learn and do her best. She is so fun and I love talking to her."

Hayden Brailsford:

"Hayden is such a great addition to our class! He has a great attitude, he is curious, and engaged, and willing to help his classmates. He is a great contributor, making comments, sharing observations, communicating in a positive and helpful manner. He is so conscientious and determined to do his best."

"Hayden has a great attitude.  He is a student that works hard and is so kind to others.  I appreciate his willingness to always help in class.  He is a positive influence and is just awesome!"

9th Grade Super Knights

Lucy Child:

"Lucy is a natural leader. Her willingness to participate in class encourages other students to participate and her comments show insightful thinking and learning! She is also kind to those around her and quick to include others."

"Lucy is always happy and positive. She comes in with a smile on her face. She works hard and really wants to understand what we are learning in class.  She is also very kind and considerate to those around her."

Coleman Smart:

"Coleman is a dedicated learner. He works hard every day to do his best and to improve his singing. He is always on task and a great team player. His kindness and positive attitude are a great addition to every day in choir."

"Coleman is a model student in my class. He is always on task and striving to create works of art that not only meet the brief, but fulfill him as an artist. Coleman is always a joy to be around, and is so responsible with the materials and keeping the classroom clean."