Term 2 Super Knights

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Term 2 Super Knights: Kincee, Kelcie, Ella, Tristen, Yandel

We are proud to announce our Term 2 Super Knights! These are students who exemplify what it means to be a Knight. 

8th Grade: Ella Young and Tristen Bileen

Ella's teachers had this to say about her:

  • Ella is a super star student! She always gives her best and is just so funny. I love having her in class!
  • Ella is so steady. She reads a room well. I appreciate her discretion in everything she does. She is bright and capable and I wish I had her in more classes than just Quest Time!

Tristen's teachers had this to say about him:

  • Tristen is an amazing kid.  He always has a good attitude and is the kind of student that does his best on everything.
  • I appreciate the quiet, calming presence that Tristan brings to class. Although he does not talk a lot, he provides good discussion points when he does speak. His good attitude and strong work ethic make Tristan a Super Knight!  


9th Grade: Kincee Pullman, Kelsie Nielson, and Yandel Maciel-Aguayo

Read what Kincee's teachers said about her:

  • Kincee is incredible! I appreciate her so much! I have watched her this year take quieter or shyer students under her wings and be their friends! She takes care of those around her and is a friend to all and that is what it means to be an “ally!”
  • Kincee is a rockstar of a student! She is so conscientious, hard-working, kind, and compassionate. She is so much fun to have in class and can always be counted on to add thoughtful insight into our discussions.

Notes from Kelsie's teachers:

  • Kelsie is a delight! I taught her last year and was so impressed by her always giving 120% She is happy, helpful, and kind. She works hard and never settles for giving less than her absolute best. She is grateful and gracious and loves to learn. Way to go, Kelsie!
  • Kelsie is AMAZING! She is so kind to everyone and works hard everyday. She is an example of what it means to be a “Global Citizen.” She is respectful towards everyone and is willing to work with anyone. I am so grateful for her and love having her in class!

And the wonderful things Yandel's teachers had to say:

  • Yandel is so hard-working, kind, and thoughtful. He puts 1000% into all he does and goes the extra mile in all his work. He is a wonderful example to his classmates and encourages them to be their best selves. He is amazing!
  • Yandel is always willing to go the extra mile and dig deep to learn.  His work ethic is incredible!  He shows up first thing in the morning to ask any questions and rework anything he needs to.  He really wants to be the best and works hard at it everyday.