Term 3 and Term 4 Super Knights

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Super Knights: Kaylee Brooks, Paige Turley, Melissa Jimenez, Kerehi Kaanga, Brock Donahue, Drew LeSeur, Tomas Bishop, Demian Estrada

Today we recognized some of our exceptional students as the term 3 and term 4 Super Knights. These students were nominated by their teachers because they exemplify what it means to be a Knight. They are kind, hard-working, responsible, and effective communicators. These are the students who brighten a room when they enter it, are always willing to lend a hand, and can be found uplifting their peers.

8th Grade Super Knights:

Kerehi Kaanga: Kerehi is a fantastic student. She is always attentive and respectful and works very well with other students. She is a great critical thinker and is always insightful when we’re talking about how the themes and topics we’re working on in class apply to everyday life. She’s also kind and friendly to other students and makes the classroom as a whole a more positive place to be.


Melissa Jimenez: Melissa is hard working and always gives her best effort on assignments and tests. Not only does Melissa care about her work, she cares about the quality of her work. On more than one occasion, Melissa has come in before or after school to ask questions and receive extra instruction to ensure she understands the content. She is well deserving of this award! 


Drew LeSeuer: Drew is an inquisitive and respectful student to both his peers and his teachers. I have seen many occasions of Drew displaying compassion or kindness to other students (both in class and in the hallways). Drew is a perfect example of what a Super Knight should embody. 


Tomas Bishop: Tomas is such an excellent student! He is extremely hard working and talented. Tomas can tell if someone is struggling or needs help and is great at reaching out to others. His example of caring and kindness are way beyond his years. I really appreciate his positive attitude and his cheerful and calming vibe. I’m so grateful to know Tomas and that he is in our class!

9th Grade Super Knights:


Kaylee Brooks: Kaylee is a bright ray of sunshine! She is kind, cheerful, and helpful. She brings joy to our classroom every day. Thank you, Kaylee, for being a responsible student and an ally to all. Our school is so lucky to have you here!


Paige Turley: Paige is a quiet leader that sets the standard high with consistent thoughtful and detailed work. She is a hard worker and kind student that many look up to! Thanks for being AWESOME!


Brock Donahue: Brock is a fantastic student! Not only does he work hard, he gets others excited about learning too. He is diligent, enthusiastic, and kind. He is a wonderful leader and a very kind human being. Thanks Brock!


Demian Estrada: Demian is a quiet leader who helps his classmates better themselves. He encourages our class to be responsible and to be allies. He is constantly working hard to be his best self and strives every day to do his best work. Thank you, Demian, for being awesome!