Term 3/4 Super Knights

Submitted by april.rockwood on Wed, 03/08/2023 - 12:03
Super Knights Term 3/4

At our assembly this morning we recognized and celebrated 8 students as our Term 3 and Term 4 Super Knights. These students exemplify what it means to be a Knight at Springville Jr. High. They are responsible citizens, successful learners, effective communicators, and allies for their classmates. Check out what their teachers had to say about them:

8th Grade Super Knights

June Davis: "June is a rockstar! I really look up to her. She is such a great example to everyone around her."

Peter Harlow: "Peter is a thoughtful and considerate person. He adds value to any group or class he is a part of with his helpful, positive attitude and happy demeanor."

Atticus Strong: "Atticus is resilient and tenacious, but kind and honest to boot."

Emilee Young: "Emilee is so peaceful.  She’s smart, talented, and humble.  I’m glad I can depend on her, and she makes my class so much better."

9th Grade Super Knights

Esmee Allphin: "Esme is diligent and reliable as a student and will work until it is not only done, but done WELL. She is happy and gregarious."

Sam Erdmann: "Sam always works hard. He is diligent and is willing to help others. He has a positive attitude and is friendly and kind. He does exceptionally well and always goes above what is expected."

Levi Olson: "Levi is one of the kindest humans I know. He is always going out of his way to be patient and kind with other students."

Julianna Rivero: "Julianna is the sweetest! She always comes in with a smile, and ready to work. She challenges herself and works so hard to accomplish the things she needs to."