This Week's "Be an Ally" Recipients

Submitted by april.rockwood on Fri, 03/03/2023 - 09:28
L-R: Demian, Gavi, Treyton, Zee

We want to recognize this week’s “Be an Ally” recipients. Ms. Anderson nominated Zee Lewis for being willing to help and lead discussions during Quest time lessons. Ms. Denis nominated Garret Docketer and Demian Estrada Magana for both being very kind and helpful to new students when they move in. Ms. Camille nominated Olivia Kleven for being patient when tech things take a while and being kind to everyone around her.
Ms. September nominated Gavi Solorio for always looking our for his teachers and classmates. And finally, Ms. Taylor nominated Treyton Harris and Jaycie Foote for being the “Robin Hoods of Refuse.” During the quest time lesson about taking care of our school she pointed out some trash in the hall outside her room. When she went out later to pick it up, it had already been thrown away. Thank you to all of our Be an Ally recipients for being examples of helping each other and making our school a better place to be.