3 Wishes for Starr

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  If you found a magic lamp in the cave of wonder, rubbed it, and a genie came out and gave you 3 wishes, what would you do with them? 

    Starr Solorio’s 3 wishes would be 1. To go anywhere in the world, 2. To help out people, and 3. To make the world a better place. Pretty cool, right? Her favorite part about Springville Junior High is how nice the teachers are, and her favorite subject is health because “Mr. Hammon is awesome and nice.” Her favorite books are the Maze Runner series. When asked if she likes the books or the movies better, she said the books. One word she would use to describe herself as “shy, cause I don’t really talk at school.” If she was given the option between 1 million dollars or unlimited knowledge, she would choose unlimited knowledge because she could do more things and get more money.

    In 10-15 years, Starr sees herself “probably going to college or doing my dream job, being some kind of first responder.” This shows that she really wants to help people.


Article written by: Emma Schmutz , student reporter