This Fall's SJHS Student Council

Submitted by ts on Wed, 09/23/2009 - 14:03

As the school starts, students are getting ready for another great year at SJHS, with the help of the new student council. Student council for the first half of the year is Jace Hartman, president, Cami Sumsion, Sara Ripley, and Katie Bair, vice presidents. These students serve the school for half the year.

Students on the council “serve the school and work on projects,” Sara Ripley said, “We are supposed to be examples to the school, and encourage responsibility and kindness.”

“Student council is fun,” Jace Hartman said, “We make the school fun, and we make contributions to the school.” Student council takes Service Learning where they do service projects for the school and the community. They also learn how to be a better council. They learn how to give ideas for the school's behalf. The student council learns how to be successful learners, effective communicators, and responsible citizen, so they can be the best council.   

The students got on the council because they campaigned last year and gave reasons why they should be on the council. Some of the responsibilities of student council members are, “Decorating for the dances, doing service projects, coming to the administration with concerns and suggestions, and doing the pledge of allegiance on Mondays,” said assistant principal Mr. David Knudsen.

Chelsea Ricks SJHS Staff Writer