SJHS Journalism Class is Back

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With the new school year, Springville Junior High School has a new journalism class to bring you information about the school and its surroundings.
The journalism class is taught by Ms. Tiffanie Miley, who also teaches seventh grade English. “I enjoy teaching journalism because it's a class with an immediate real-life application,” said Ms. Miley. She continued to say that because of the real-life nature of the class, it motivates her students to do their best work. Surely, many teachers would like that.

Students enjoy the class too, Jack Setzer, a journalism student, said one of his favorite things about the class was going out to interview students and teachers. Kara Dunn, another member of the class, said, “I love this class, and being able to move at our own pace while writing about what we want.”  Max Schreiner, another member, said he enjoyed being able to move at his own pace too.
As a class, the journalism students brainstorm a list of things that are going on at the school, and around the school. They then choose a topic they want to write about, brainstorm about the topic, and gather information through interviews. Following the interviews, the students, draft, edit, and review each others work, and finally e-mail their article to Ms. Miley who submits the best articles to Springville Herald.
“We love the young people who write for the Springville Herald,” said Pat Conover, an editor for the Herald. SJHS finds their articles in the paper rather often, much to the liking of the students, and their mentor, Ms. Miley.
For the first time in several years, this semester's Journalism class is going to publish and distribute a paper to the students during school. 

Pictured: Front row, left to right:  Jacob Simmons, Spencer Duncan, Jennifer Galindo, Kara Dunn,  and Jack Setzer.  Second row:  Brooke Seaton, Morgan Bowser, Shyenaia Luna, Jacob DeRosia, and Cody Woolsey.  Third row:  Chelsea Ricks, Katya Wagstaff, Julie Barbosa, Hayde Blanco, Christopher Taylor.  Back row:  Max Schreiner, Andrew Garza, Kaleb Barnum, Sarah Jensen, Jose Martinez, and Kenia Martinez.

Jacob Simmons SJHS Staff Writer