The Sunroc Lions win… again

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Last Tuesday evening the streets of Springville were quieter than normal. Of course! That’s why; the Sunroc Lions faced an intimidating opponent: The Payson Giants.

Immediately after the Reams Badgers defeated their opponent, the Lions took the field and amazed crowds from the start. From amazing kicks to two touchdowns within the first half, the Lions kept the crowd in their seats for the duration of the game.

Although they won, Tyler Sumsion, a player on the team, said, “We did really well in the first half, but in the second half we could have given 80% more effort.” Many SJHS students showed up for the football game and all said it was the best game so far.


As the quarterback soon found out, mistakes can be to your advantage. Late in the second half, the announcer said, “The pass is a beauty! Wait, what has happened here?! The ball carrier is the quarterback!! He threw to himself!”  As the audience was trying to figure out what had happened, the announcer said, “The pass was tipped of toward the quarterback!”

Though the audience got a good laugh out of it, the boomerang pass was short lived. And people wanted to see who would win the game. At the end of the day, the Lions had a great game, and won 24- 20

Jacob DeRosia SJHS Staff Writer