Orchestra 101

Submitted by ts on Wed, 09/30/2009 - 11:14

Have you ever wandered through the halls and heard the beautiful melody of the violin? Or perhaps the viola, cello, of bass? Here at Springville Junior High, hearing an instrument isn’t hard to come by.

Mr. Tsugawa not only teaches 96 students at the junior high, but he also teaches many more students at Springville High School. For 21 years he’s been busy spending half days at both schools, and the students have nothing bad to say. Eighth Grader Hayde Blanco said, “He’s really fun, there are lots of things to love about orchestra.”

Mr. Tsugawa is well known for his fun songs and teaching skills. Orchestra is one of the few classes were no text books are needed, so this class isn’t hard to love. Ninth Grader Elizabeth Elloit, who has been playing the violin for four years, said, “His class is really fun and we learn a lot.” With his European Melodies and American songs, students learn a lot about different cultures and religions.

The orchestra students have a lot to look forward and prepare for because every two to four years high school orchestra students have the opportunity to perform at California’s Disneyland. This opportunity helps encourage students to work and have the chance to perform at a real stage.

Julie Barbosa SJHS Staff Writer