After School Writing Lab at SJHS

Submitted by ts on Wed, 09/30/2009 - 11:15

Most students at Springville Junior High have not yet heard of the important news - there is an after school writing lab for students. Students can use this writing lab to finish assignments on computers or get help on their writing assignments.

“The writing lab is everyday after school from 2:40-3:30 except Wednesday,” explained Mr. Mikesell, an English teacher at Springville Junior High, “We have English teachers there everyday. They can help you with any writing assignment, and can help you learn how to use computers.” The supervisors are Ms. Neeley, Mrs. Bass, Mr. Mikesell, and Mrs. Rice, all English teachers at Springville Junior High. They are there the whole time to help students with anything they need.

According to Mr. Mikesell, the environment in the writing lab is a very calm, peaceful, laid back environment where students can get their work done with very little interruption. It’s a place where, teachers hope students can feel calm and know that they can get help if they need it.

In the past, very few students have shown up to the writing lab. This is its second year being used and the supervisors hope that this year more students will show up.

“The writing lab is in room 22 – a computer lab; there are plenty of available computers for students to use, if needed,” explained Ms. Bass. If you need to finish your writing assignments or need help understanding how to use computers for school, the writing lab is the place for you!

Cody Woolsey SJHS Staff Writer