Students From Different Countries at SJHS

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Mon, 10/05/2009 - 13:56

Here at Springville Junior High School we have many students from a variety of different countries.  For example, Cheira Enriquez, a student at SJHS, is from Mexico where she lived and went to school until her family moved to America five years ago. “In Mexico you have to wear uniforms and here you don’t,” said Cheira, explaining the difference between schools in Mexico and schools in America.  She says she moved to America to get a better education.

Vicky Ha, another student enrolled at Springville Junior High, came from China. She’s been living in America for eight years. She said she moved to America because her dad and his family were here.  Vicky explained why she likes living here, “In America, people are more well mannered, and I feel it more safe here. The place is more clean and I have friends here.” But then she added that she likes China because people are more out-going and her family is there.

Max Sunjidmaa, a ninth grader at SJHS, is from Mongolia and moved to America a of couple years ago. According to Max, Mongolia is quite like many countries outside United States. “Doubtlessly, from culture to language, the countries differ,” Max explained, “American culture is based on individualism rather than group based culture.” Max believes it’s good in many ways because here in America there are vast amounts of opportunities that are impossible in numerous other countries, such as careers and education.  He says that schools in his country have a different academic system that is quite distinguishable when compared to schools here. “American schools provide you with many options and choices for the subjects you are interested to learn,” he said, “It is better, of course, if you can identify the opportunities that you have today that many other kids don’t have.”

All the different kids, including the kids from different countries find friends here and are treated equally by the teachers. If a student does not know English, someone who does know their language can assist them in their process of learning.

Kenia Martinez, SJHS Staff Writer