Having Fun in Clothing Class

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Mon, 10/05/2009 - 14:02

There are a lot of elective classes at Springville Junior High. One of these is the clothing class; in the clothing class students have the opportunity to learn new sewing techniques and how to use the techniques on their own sewing projects. Students come each morning and work on their projects. Ms. Diane Bird, who also teaches service learning, is the teacher in clothing.

Every two weeks students in the class are expected to turn in a project. Some of the projects are book bags, aprons, and pajama bottoms. Right now, the students are either finishing up their book bag or starting an apron. Brittany Hooley, a member of the class, said, “I look forward to the clothing class everyday because I love learning new things about sewing.”

The class is available to eighth and ninth grade students. The clothing class is taught periods one and three. Lots of people have fun in the class. Laurelin Webb, another member of the class, said, “I love sewing! I just feel good when I’m sitting there working on my project.” So if you’re looking for a fun way to spend your elective credits, take clothing next year!

Max Schreiner, SJHS Staff Writer