Peer Tutoring: A Fun Way to Help

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A fun way to interact with students with special needs in our school is to be a peer tutor. Students have the option to take peer tutoring, a class where they get to have fun helping and interacting with the students that have special needs in Mrs. Claire Mills’s class. Peer tutors help make the kids' school life a little bit easier. The peer tutors will help Mrs. Mills’s students with their assignments, study with them and help them take tests for their classes.

The peer tutors help Mrs. Mills’s students by, “coming into class and immediately sitting by someone to help with their academic work, or social or life skills. They help with work, but the main goal is to be a friend with the students and help them understand social etiquette,” said Mrs. Mills, Special Education teacher at SJHS. The peer tutors are very helpful. Mrs. Mills said, “I honestly could not run my class without them.”

Tina Carter, a peer tutor, said, “I think peer tutoring is a fun way to interact with the kids, help with their activities and getting to go on field trips.” Peer tutors get to go on field trips with Mrs. Mills’s class if they want to. Peer tutoring is a class where you interact with kids with special needs and learn skills for the future.

Chelsea Ricks, SJHS Staff Writer