Mrs. Dexter: Awesome student teacher

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Mrs. Kayde Dexter is a student teacher at Springville Junior High. She will be teaching history in Mr. Greg Shields's class until December fourth, though she wishes she could stay longer.
Mrs. Dexter said that the reason why she is interested in teaching is because “I was one who lucked out and had some amazing teachers in junior and high school. These teachers were able to instill a love of learning.”  Mrs. Dexter wants to help her students become more engaged, responsible citizens so they can succeed. 
The students really seem to enjoy Mrs. Dexter. Brooke Seaton, an eighth grader student, said,“Mrs. Dexter is really fun and nice.”  According to Victoria Ireland, another eighth grade student, “Mrs. Dexter will be a good teacher because she has good class management and she knows how to keep a classroom fun!”
Mrs. Dexter said, “I like to teach history. It's my first love, I could never be happier than when I am lost in time.” Many students said that they will be sad to see Mrs. Dexter go, but they know she will make a fantastic teacher.

Morgan Bowser, SJHS Staff Writer