October Scientist of the Month

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Each month in eighth grade science, SJHS teacher Mr. David Kindrick selects a “Scientist of the Month.”  Jacque Kass received the honor in October because, according to Mr. Kindrick, not only is Jaque a great student, but she is also “very friendly and has a positive attitude about everything.” 

Jacque Kass was born June 7th and has lived in Springville her whole life.  She has one “awesome brother name Mitch and two chill parents that I love to death, and I have a pet fish that is a beta.” 

Jacque’s best friend is Elaine, and they have been friends since they were one.  Some of Jacque’s hobbies include softball, basketball, volleyball, and she really loves playing the piano.  Jacque loves rap music, playing video games, and her favorite holiday is Halloween.  

Jacque wants to live where it snows all the time, maybe the North Pole.  She loves being outside, and if she could choose a profession it would be some kind of scientist that studies things outside. 

David Kindrick