History of Springville Junior High

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Everyday hundreds of students walk through the doors of Springville Junior High. To many, this school is a home away from home, where students advance academically and prepare themselves for the future. But what about the past? We’re going to step back and relive the birth of this school.

Springville Junior High was born in 1957, when guest speaker Governor Clyde opened these doors and welcomed the first junior high knights. Around 602 seventh, eighth and ninth-grade students came. It was a good start with 26 teachers ready to share their knowledge.  

Since then the school has gone through a lot of changes, small things from drinking fountains and chairs, to stairs and even changing the location of the cafeteria. Mrs. Janine Murdock, the finance secretary, said, “I attended the Springville Junior in the early 1960’s. I remember many favorite teachers and eating lunch in the downstairs art room.”

Memories have been made here, but new ones are soon to be born with talk of building a new junior high in Springville.  Mrs.Joye Wimmer, secretary at SJHS, said, “Springville Junior High is a great school with lots of opportunities for all students to excel in academics, athletics and fine arts. Springville Junior High is a great place to work and has lots of support from the faculty and staff.”  With talk of a new school people can only hope for the best and that progress on the new school starts soon.

Julie Barbosa, SJHS Staff Writer