Who is Mr. Chambers?

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Mr. Ryan Chambers is the health teacher at Springville Junior High. He teaches eighth and ninth graders. Shyenaia Luna, an eighth grader, said “Mr. Chambers explains the things we’re learning clearly and thoroughly.”

Mr. Chambers said, “I love teaching health! I feel it is the most important class you will ever take.”  Eric Harrison, another eighth grader, said, “So far I have been able to handle the topics well. Mr. Chambers has been a good teacher.” Mr. Chambers lives in Spanish Fork and has to come to Springville to teach. “To be honest, it would not really matter where I was teaching. I love helping students make healthy choices.” said Mr. Chambers.

His students agree that Mr. Chambers is funny and not too strict. So like Mr. Chambers always says, “You can be the smartest and most wealthy person in the world, but if you don’t have your health, then you have nothing.”  

Sarah Jensen, SJHS Staff Writer