Go SJHS Cheerleaders!!!

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“G-O Lets Go! Springville, G-O Lets Go!!!!!” These words are very familiar to the Springville Junior High football players. Here at Springville Junior High we have cheerleaders supporting and gathering the crowd for the football players.

According to Cynthia Esklund, Springville Junior High cheerleader, cheerleaders help the football players. Cheering gets them “pumped up.” Alyssa Nance, another Springville Junior High cheerleader, said “Heck Yes!” cheerleading is a sport.

Some things that cheerleaders do at football games are dances during half time, tumble, and pump up the crowd. A unique thing that Cynthia Esklund and her team, the Badgers, do is make a banner and then hold it up while the football players run through it at the beginning of the game.

Max Schreiner, eight grade student and football player at Springville Junior High, likes having the cheerleaders at the games because they are “cute,” but when they do their dance during half time it is hard to hear his coach. Kaleni Neiufi, seventh grade football player, said, “It gets the crowd and a lot of people cheering for us.” But according to Kaleni, his team mates pay more attention to the cheerleaders than the game.

Hayde Blanco, SJHS Staff Writer